Presently People Watching

So this is where it starts,the beginning of my blog.

Sitting here in Geoffs bar tenderly nursing my glass of red, I scribble franticly away on my notepad.”Why paper?,” I hear you say, simply because I have neither the skill set or knowledge to type at speed on a laptop or, any other device that requires fast eye hand coordination.

So now at this moment in time I people watch,  looking for anyone of interest that I can literally stare at and find something of interest in and possibly write about. So I start here, to my left is what I can only assume are mother and son. The lady sits on the hard Gothic carved chair, her brilliant red coat and sparkle dusted  almost child like woollen scarf is what captured my eye immediately. Her hair is short and set in a way that shows she takes great pride in her appearance, I can see the rouge of her lipstick on the rim of her glass as she places it back on the table, never  once removing her eyes from the young man she is so intent on.

He sits across from her in his wrinkled pin striped shirt slouched back on his chair, deep in conversation about himself and speaking loudly of all the monies that he has gathered for all the worthwhile charities he has encountered. This eloquent lady is completely enthralled in his fables old and new  of just how wonderfully needed he is by all that encounter him. I watch how she shivers every so often and realise that she sits beside the corridor that whips a cold breeze through it every so often but yet,she shrugs it away  so that she can be completely in this young man’s focus, never once complaining or showing signs of just how uncomfortable she truly is.

But then it happens,I am not in the slightest bit surprised when he pulls out his android phone with “I’ve got the power” alert tone brazenly interrupting the conversation  and without any form of courteous behaviour he dives head first into this offensive object. But it is the lady that I watch,the look of utter disappointment that shadows her face has me unable to avert my eyes from her . She pleadingly looks at her son but he has lost all interest in this lovely lady that gave him life.

It is at this point  that I realise her gaze has now shifted to me, unconsciously sensing me intruding on her moment. She smiles sweetly but sadly at me and then I know I have seen something that is private to her. I look away in the knowledge I have intruded on her secret loneliness in the presence of her son. I do believe it is a guilt we all carry in this ever changing electronic social sanctuary. These places that I am as guilty as the next for becoming lost in. This beautiful lady has turned her attention back on her son but yet he sees nothing but the glaring light emanating from the screen of his  phone.

I have intruded enough on this relationship so, I leave both mother and son to the rest of their evening. 


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