What I Grow

Within my garden I grow the most magnificent array of flowers, the air is filled with the sweet scent of their perfumes as I brush softly against them. I breath in deep and fill my senses with their splendour and the knowledge that I lovingly tended them from seed.

I watch over each one individually, for each is a dream, each is the beginning of a possibility that started from an idea, a tiny seed that grew strong and fought its way to the surface of the soil. They deserve my attention, they have broken threw the shell of the earth and will grow with my love and devotion.
So as I wander through the grass and gaze lovingly over my creations , I pick my way to the very centre of my garden, my footprints are left where I walk, the path now marked by where I have been. Its here what grows my most treasured creations, it is here you will find the two most rare and brilliant roses. Both look alike but differ greatly, each contains its own beauty that blinds me in its brilliance and no matter what path I take within my garden all paths will lead me to them.
I watch over them and love them with all of me, I see them stand tall in the sunlight as they grow in strength and when the clouds cover their light and their petals droop I wrap myself around them and protect them, I blow away the clouds so they can again bury their roots into the ground and stand tall.
Even when I am not in their presence I feel their spirits grow, I hear the soft breeze brush their petals and know that they are alive with my lifeblood in their veins.
A time will come when my garden will become aged, the soil will support the last few dreams but my roses will forever be strongest within the centre, and then, when my footprints begin to fade and the grass grows over the paths I once had walked, my two beautiful treasures will pull their roots from deep within the ground, find their feet and walk their own paths. They will find their own gardens, they will tend to their dreams and they too will have treasures in the centre of what they grow.
Even though they will no longer see me and my paths become overgrown I will be there, I will be their sun, I will be the dew on their petals at dawn, I will be the wind that blows their clouds away and I will be forever the rainbow above their heads.
When they have their own gardens I will be the spirit that surrounds them, because they are what I grow.


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