Call Me Dreamer

Do you see them? All your dreams, can you touch them? Can you say that you have achieved them, or at least a handful?

We are all dreamers, for without our dreams reality would become mundane. What would your day hold if you couldn’t dream? Is it something simple like getting that jacket that you wanted, or really going big and winning the National Lottery?

Are your dreams achievable? Do you wake in the morning and say “Yes! Today is the day my dreams become real”, or do you hit snooze for 30 minutes and only then manage to crack your eyes open a fraction so as to see the light, dragging your way out of bed in a sorrowful state knowing today will be the same as every other. Are you happy in what you do on a daily basis?

No?…. Well change it!

Come on, realistically you have one in a million chance of winning the lottery, so go make your destiny your own! Why define your dreams on chance, make a decision and make them real.

Sir Isaac Newton had an apple fall on his head and dreamt up the Universal Law of Gravitation! His dream was real, the world benefited from a man in a powdered white wig and grey ankle length pants sitting under an apple tree and having fruit hit his head at high velocity.

So, what’s your dream? Do you have in your head the plans of a magnificent invention that will change the course of the world, or in fact the universe. Or is it something personnel, a private goal or achievement.
I’ve asked the question, so what’s your answer? Have you paused yet and said, “Well actually, yes!”. Good! Hold that dream tight.

Why have you not gone forth and conquered that of which you most desire. Do you make excuses? For example, “What would people think?”. Now that seems to be the most common obstruction of what you can and most definitely can do. But, read into that for one moment… the more appropriate stumbling block would be “What would people think, if I failed?”.

It forces me to think of the reasoning behind people putting limitations on themselves. Fear, fear of failure but more importantly of peoples opinions of you failing. Do their opinions really matter? Will what others say and think really impact your life that much?

Only you have the power to change and make those dreams possible, no-one else does. Take your power back, the unknown or known voices and opinions have no right over who or what you are. Invoke yourself with the strength that lies within, wake it up and watch your dreams come true.

Do not be afraid of the greatness that you can become, take a step forward, breath deep and embrace it. Be that dreamer and do what you were truly destined to do.

Remember this, “Call me Dreamer, for my dreams call and my destiny awaits”.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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