The Book

She is most comfortable in her inglenook. She feels the heat prickle her skin as she watches the oranges and reds dance within the hearth of the fire.

The book, her most treasured possession is draped half open across her lap. The pages she has read are crumpled and creased from where she has thumbed through them. She knows this book well, the characters that she loves dearest and the ones she adores to hate. She has followed their fables and lost herself in their adventures.

Reality ceases to exist in this world as she walks in theirs.

Clutching her book tightly she wishes, no, wants to be where they are, to experience their lives and loves. Especially the one, her greatest admiration in this book.
This honour sits with the eloquent lady that every adventure and love surrounds. This character has shown strength in the greatest of adversities and has shown beliefs when others had none. When trapped in, what only one could believe as inescapable positions, she has shown a courage and a strength that have left all in reverence.

How she adores this lady, for as long as she can remember she has yearned to be in her company. Her mind races with a thousand unanswered questions, her eyes ache to envision this most beautiful and remarkable lady, but this book will have to fill the space of mystery that besieges her.

The popping of damp wood on the fire brings her back to existence, she adjusts herself and shifts position in where she rests.

Realising how tightly she has clutched her book, she releases it gently. She runs her fingers once more over the indents on the paper from where her mother has exquisitely written her thoughts. This is all she has of her mother, her diary.

She skims to the end and rereads the last entry… “Today I will meet you, the signs have started and it wont be long. I feel like I know you already, I have felt you wriggle and have spoken to you daily. Your dreams will be mine and I will spend my lifetime loving you. My heart will only beat for you my angel. I will see you soon.”

Tracing the last words with her finger tips she smiles, her mother was a remarkable lady that loved her before she truly knew her. This book had given her strength her entire life and today she would show her mother that she could be proud of her.

Standing up she places the book on the shelf and walks towards the door. A voice calls… “Darling, I have your bags in the car. Are you ready to go?”. She looks towards her love, his face is full of excitement and realisation of their future.

The pain rushes across her swollen belly once more. She gently places the palm of her hand on her bump and massages until the spasm ceases, smiling she says “Don’t worry my little angel, I am here for you always and our futures will be great. I will see you soon”.


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