Good Morning!!

..awake at stupid o’clock I could see the day starting to brighten through my curtains, despite the time I pulled myself from my warm bed to make a cup of tea.
Looking out the window, waiting for the kettle to boil I decided…. ‘screw it, I’m going to be a rebel and have my tea outside’.
This turned out to be my best decision so far today.
I watched the sun as it broke through a low fog, the clouds started to colour with every shade of orange and pink.
Birds started to flit skyward and the sound of seagulls calling broke the stillness.
I don’t think I have ever really appreciated first light and what it brings.
It felt like the rest of the world was on hold, it’s that feeling you get when peace seems to settle on everything around you, including you.
It’s a divine serenity that brings stillness to any and all turmoil……it’s to be able to breathe.
I’m not entirely sure if this stupid o’clock start will be a daily ritual, but it’s most certainly something I will keep for those times when it gets too busy and I loose my breath.
Give it a go, you’d be astounded at how you feel.
Anyway, obviously writer head is on but inspiration has most definitely kicked in.
Good morning all! Have a great day x


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