The greens of our lush lands are in every shade.

Fields, meadows,farms that jigsaw and fit together to form a quilt of our dreams.

Irish………we are believers, storytellers,singers

our voices to those outside our lands sound melodious.

We sing as we speak, create passion within voices and our eyes glisten like moonlight on a rippled lake.

We love passionately and show it in our actions and words, whispers of love lost  will rarely pass our lips,but the passion of a kindred spirit will echo through our mountains.

Carved on our hearts lie our ancestors names, warriors, clansmen their blood in our veins.

Mythical creatures once walked our lands, legends and heroes forever in plan.

It is from this earth that we were born,

our love for Eire etched on our spirit forever to be worn.

Hear us cry our Irish call, come gather with us in these our great halls.

Ireland our home, our beloved land

My hand on my heart, my heart in my hand.


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