My Gift to You

Alone on the cliff top the wind comes to steal her breath, snatching the name that lies dangerously close to be spoken from the lips that cried for him, over and over again.
Silence calls her as tears fall from the hidden spirit, tired of the fight, the unlawful reasons to this beginning, this end, this hell.
‘We know you’, they whisper, ‘Watching, entertaining our chartered lives – Play with us again, allow us to fill you with love so we may strip you bare, wither your beliefs and devour your dreams.’

‘You belong to us, you are ours, come to us so we may feast on your fears and torture you in the glory of the shadows.’

Warmth touches her frozen cheeks, “Who calls me now?” she cries to the howling winds ….

‘I can no longer battle you, my fight has gone. I can not live like this, my hell here is worse then anything that may follow’…………..heat radiates through her head as it is lifted up by unseen forces.

‘Who calls me now’ she screams………

Opening  tear stained eyes she struggles to see, blinking and rubbing away the remains of grief, adjusting to gather the broken pixels of the shape that begins to take form before her.

The voices are silenced before this being of light….only his voice now echoes in her head.

‘Fear not the path you are destined to walk. I have known you, because of you I was a greater man, you were my gift, my best friend and my love. Do not despair in the darkness, my light may have dimmed but yours now burns brighter then the sun. You will find me again. I will not leave you, my silence is my presence, my memories are yours…….I will forever be found in you’

Voice shaking as he stands before her she struggles to say the words ‘Why?’…..’Why you, why us?’……..

‘Because my love’, he softly speaks  ‘Life holds a greater plan for you, my time had come, life’s plan for me was to love you, I fulfilled that destiny in ways that I never thought possible. Your future lies before you, fill it with more memories, more love ……fill it with you.’

Leaning forward he places a single kiss on her lips, ‘ Do not fear saying my name, I will love you from beyond, always’.

Winds calm, and the storm ceases its destruction……..the image of him begins to fade, the remnants of a smile linger for those last few moments as she says goodbye.

Turning her back on the cliffs and leaving the voices calling in terror………..she pays no heed.

Loving you was my greatest gift, living for us both will be my gift to you.


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