Seven Friends


Good Weather Friends

When the sun shines and life is good out they come.

They tend to orbit around people that have gained some good fortune, whether its financial or just good old confidence. Leeching on you before you know it, but beware, when life turns sour they disappear like a snowman in a heat wave.

Partner In Crime Friends

Lets just say when it calls for a little bit of skulduggery they will be right beside you.

When you fall they wont pick you up… fact, they will fall around hysterically and shout you a shot of tequila to help heal your bloodied knees.

Emotional Friends

NEVER watch Titanic or Bambi with these weeping wonders of nature. If you do find yourself in the above position then in all that’s holy bring the Kleenex.

Do not believe them under any circumstance when they say ‘I wont cry this time’. Its a ruse, they cried the other thirty-six times, number thirty-seven wont be any different.

Smart Friends

These are the friends to bring to dinner parties ran by members of Mensa.

Average IQ of 160 and Doctorates laying between them like potholes on an Irish road. This friend wont let you down when asked about the ‘philosophy of existentialism’.

You will take their queue and nod or shake your head in a knowing way……thus through your friend your intellectual criteria has been met, happy days!

Never on Time Friends

So your meeting for dinner at 8? Best tell this tardy individual that plans are set for 7.

You can be sure they’ll still be late but, at least this way it may only be by half an hour and your hunger pains wont have really kicked in.

Complaining Friends

So at least your dinner has started (after above friend has arrived), you’ve ordered and your mouth is calling for its taste buds to be satisfied, the starters arrive and BOOM! ‘That’s not what I ordered!!’ resonates from your left hand side, the table is thrown into disrepair as the waitress attempts to rectify the situation.

There is a positive side, their skill for complaining is so vast that a lovely bottle of white wine is thrown in for free……bonus!!!

Relationship Expert Friends

Restore the love in your relationship!!

No matter how good or bad your love life is this singleton will always know better, possibly for better or worse but their intentions are always putting you first.



Does it actually matter which of the above applies to who you surround yourself with?

There is a singular word that repeats itself ‘ Friend’.

If you are lucky enough to have an abundance of friends and laugh at whom is who and which category they lie in then you are rich. If you have a friend that all categories apply to then hold on to them, they are a rarity.

If you are reading this and know you have these people in your life then that also means that you my friend are also a true friend.

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