Do You Meditate?


Do you meditate?

Meditation helps your body and mind recharge, every cell in the body is filled with prana (breath, considered as a life giving force).
You become settled and relaxed, shelving problems or things that over occupy your mind for those few minutes. As the level of prana increases in your body you are filled with peace and joy.

Mental benefits:
* Happiness increases, anxiety decreases.
* Emotional stability improves.
* Problems become smaller and solutions may come easier.
* Peace of mind.
* Meditation makes you more aware and brings with it an inner happiness and peace.

Physical benefits:
* Assists in lowering blood pressure.
* Helps relax any built up tension in the body, muscle and joint pains.
* Decreases tension in the head, helps with tension headaches.

To experience the benefits of meditation it would be ideal to practice regularly, it only takes a few minutes out of your day.

No matter who you are or what you do, a few minutes to yourself for yourself should be a gift to you from you. You will begin to look forward to that part of your day, learn to unplug yourself from the world and make time for you.
Think of it as planting a tree, the more you love and nourish it the deeper the roots will grow, the taller it will stand as the branches reach for the sun, basking in the glory of life.
Take this time for you, rediscover yourself and enrich your life.

Love and healing,
Sue x

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