Cleansing your Crystals in the Super Moon.


Previously we have had three new supermoons in January, February and March 2015.

This Saturday 29th of August 2015 heralds the first of this years three full supermoons, the others shall be on September 28th and October 27th.

Supermoons are not just visually awe inspiring but they also create highly charged events, it is a wonderful time to renew, replenish and rejuvenate yourself and your crystals.

Crystals absorb energy, from their immediate environment and, if you frequently handle them during healing practices they can absorb negative energies, it is because of this that they should be cleansed regularly.

When you have the opportunity to do this under a full supermoon then grab the opportunity with both hands and super cleanse those babies!!

  • How do you cleanse/charge?

Its actually pretty easy and straightforward, place your crystals under the moonlight (when darkness falls), don’t worry if its cloudy or foggy, your crystals will still pick up on those beautiful cleansing moon rays.

Bring them in ideally before daylight, the main reason for this is so that your brighter more vibrant coloured crystals (for example Amethyst) will fade in sunlight. It wont effect the power of your crystal but some people can be left feeling dismayed and disappointed that the vibrant colours may dull.

  • What if you cant put them outside?

That’s fine, you can leave them in a window where the moonlight streams through, I do this with my crystal jewellery, it still works beautifully.

For me, when I cleanse and charge my crystals (especially the ones that I use for healing practices) I will be the only one to handle them.

Crystals absorb all energies positive and negative, and if I am to work with them I like to keep them as positive as possible, this is to prevent negative energies being transferred to myself or others.

It is always important to remember that after you have charged your crystals that you give them time to renew their abilities of focusing and expanding energies and vibrations.

Enjoy the supermoon 🙂

Love and healing,

Sue x

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