Crystals for Relaxation


Relaxation, such an easy word to say but sometimes the hardest thing to do, your mind becomes a cavern of questions that span from the “what ifs” and “I forgot to dos”. The time you took for relaxation becomes the mind numbing calling of unanswered questions and by the end of it you have a headache and are reaching for the aspirin.

One word……”Meditation” let this be your new calling, lighting a candle, burning incense and of course crystals, but, what crystals? Here are my favourite natures gems with an explanation to why they work so well.


Lepidolite is a stone of transition, it brings with it many calming features, such as relaxation, balancing, a sense of calmness, trust and acceptance in oneself and surroundings.

It brings light and hope to situations that were once difficult to understand, a feeling of inner peace, self-love patience and optimism help a person to see behind negative feelings and experiences so that they can transition onwards with trust and positivity.

Its keywords are calming and balance, its chakra is the heart but also works wonderfully with the third eye and crown chakras.

Smoky Quartz

I always meditate with this, Smoky Quartz is an incredible stone for grounding and protection against negative energies.

It works wonderfully for relieving stress, dark emotions, fear and many other negative feelings that may bring a persons attitude down. It will bring to you abundance, prosperity and good luck, it is also said that it is a stone that will make your wishes come true.

Due to its ability in removing negative energies from a person it will help to protect and cleanse the auric field, it will shield a person from any type of psychic attack.

Its keywords are grounding and centering and its chakra is root.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline helps relieve stress, worry, depression and anxiety. It is relaxing and nurturing and has the potential to help heal emotional wounds replacing them with feelings of inner comfort and safety. It assists in spiritual growth and stimulates a persons receptiveness to the healing energies and wisdom of spirit, attaining peace and understanding.

Its keywords are love, empathy and calmness its chakra is heart.

These are a few crystals that I love to use for my meditation, they truly bring to me that one simple word……..’relaxation’.


Sue x


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