Bloodstone, in appearance, is a very deep green stone with red specks dotted on its surface. It is due to this effect that this stone received its name ‘Bloodstone’.

Some pieces may be of lighter green and there are others that may have very few red inclusions on it or others that are adorned in them, there is also a type of Bloodstone that has yellow speckles on it, this is referred to as Plasma.

  • Legends.

Bloodstone holds a very in depth history through Christianity. It is believed to have come from the blood of Jesus Christ. As He was on the cross it is said there was green jasper placed at his feet. Blood fell from his wounds and splashed the stones and forever more the stone held the blood of Christ and became known as Bloodstone.

Bloodstone is also referred to as The Martyrs Stone as it was often used in carvings of scenes from the crucifixion also used in sculptures representing martyrdom and flagellation.

Bloodstone can also be called Heliotrope, the Sun Stone in Greek, it was believed that when immersed into water it could turn the reflection of the sun into blood red.

Used as a talisman, it would bring good health and a long life. The owner would incur respect, fortune and fame throughout their life.

Warriors would often bring amulets of Bloodstone into combat, believing it would help protect them and overcome enemies in battle. It would also stem bleeding from wounds they may receive during these encounters.

  • Uses and properties.

Bloodstone is known as a stone of courage. It improves physical strength, enhances self-esteem, self-worth and it is said to be particularly good for helping emotional traumas and grief, it can assist those that have challenges in facing the concept of death.

Bloodstone has a strong vibration and works well with repelling negative energies from the wearers auric field. It can stimulate and induce dreaming, and works incredibly well for increasing creativity and intuition.

Bloodstone helps limit feelings of aggressiveness, irritability and anxiety and will assist in clearing emotional and mental blockages.

Bloodstone is said to be helpful in treating anaemia and other disorders of the blood also blood pressure, bleeding, cardiovascular issues, flu, physical issues (as in muscular) and post surgical healing.

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.

  • Bloodstone Chakra.

Bloodstone works incredibly well at realigning the lower chakras with the heart chakra.

Root Chakra:

When the root chakra is out of balanced a person will feel physically exhausted, low levels of activity, chronic fatigue, low sense esteem, lack of trust and sleep disorders. When balanced a person will be centred, trusting, passionate, self confident, the body will regain physical strength and stamina.

Heart Chakra:

When the heart chakra is out of balance it can cause a person to become uncommitted, detached, unforgiving, distrustful, controlling or feel controlled in a relationship.

When in balance this chakra enhances the love you have for yourself, empathy and forgiveness for others. You will reconnect to the beauty of life within you and in all that surrounds you. Within emotional relationships you will be able to accept change and understand the nature of what these connections mean.

Love Sue xx


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