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Labradorite is said to awaken the power of magic within those that carry or wear it. It is a powerful stone of protection and will assist to clear the auric field.

Legends and History
The name Labradorite comes from a place called Labrador in Newfoundland, a province of Canada.

It was discovered by Moravian missionaries in 1770 and it was them that gave Labradorite its name.

It can also be found in Finland (where it is known as Spectrolite), Madagascar, Russia, Greenland, Norway, USA and Mexico.

In Inuit legend the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador, until one day a great Inuit warrior discovered them and freed most of them with a mighty blow from his spear, however, some remained trapped within the stones and gave us today the beauty that is Labradorite.

In Finland Spectrolite was discovered by accident during the second world war when stone was being quarried for the purpose of anti-tank obstacles.

These pieces of Spectrolite are amongst the most impressive and are considered to be of gem quality so as to be used in jewellery.

Properties and Uses
Labradorite raises a persons consciousness and helps connect them to universal energies, it stimulates intuition, psychic gifts and awakens the inner eye.

It protects your aura and in doing this clears it of any negative energies that my be lingering, it also seals the aura.

It is a perfect stone for healers to wear because of its clearing and cleaning of the auric field.

It prevents any leaks in your Etheric system and prevents others from ‘tapping in’ (energy vampires) and draining you of your precious energy.

As a stone of ‘magic’ it includes mental and intuitive abilities which include clairvoyance, astral travel, telepathy, spiritual awareness, psychic readings and communication with spirits and guides. Labradorite is the ideal stone to work with when pursuing in the development of these abilities.

Shamans, magicians and ‘sourcer-erers’ use Labradorite as a protective stone, it is a powers aid in past- life recall and will help a person to remember their experiences in other times and other lives.

Within physical body Labradorite will help reveal the nature of an illness and will amplify the individuals healing.

Meditating with Labradorite
Labradorite will allow your mind to be in a complete rest, whilst in this state you will recognise yourself as being bathed in Divine light and comforted in the knowledge that you are safe.

Labradorite Chakras.
Labradorite works with all the chakras, particularly the throat chakra.

Throat Chakra.

When out of balance a person will have a tendency to lie, become fearful and doubtful of what others intentions are towards them. Becoming shy, feeling isolated and misunderstood, cunning to the point of being creatively deceitful and an obvious lack of integrity.

Physically a person may suffer headaches, stiff neck, sore throats and thyroid issues.

When in balance a person will have the ability to speak the truth, communicate beliefs, ideas and emotions. To have complete integrity and become an inspirational speaker, in the process they will have the ability to see the words unspoken or hidden messages communicated by others.

Love Sue xx

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.


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