Holy Lama ‘Yogi’ Soap

yogi-soap-cover (1)

I have recently discovered the Holy Lama range and felt a review was necessary. I can sum my personal opinion up quite simply in just four words ‘I am in LOVE!’. I’m not kidding! My bathroom has the distinct aroma of a tropical rainforest or a spice market in the middle east, I am literally transported to another time and exotic location.

I have incredibly sensitive skin and have amassed a warehouse of products that promise ‘perfected beauty in just three weeks’ or ‘ you’ll never use another item in your beauty routine once you’ve used our product’. Fair enough, that may be true for the vast majority of the nation but certinly not me. I had read reviews on the Holy Lama range and all were very positive so I decided why not, lets give it a go!yogi-open

I started my journey with the mild Holy Lama ‘Yogi’ Soap, so i’ll focus on this for the moment.

Company description – Holy Lama ‘Yogi’ Soap A Soap with unique properties of ayurveda’s most esteemed botanicals – Neem and Tulsi. Incredibly mild, hence can be used on the face too. This soap has Cold Pressed Coconut Oil saponified and pure essential oils. It is handmade with no synthetic fragrance or colour added to it.

My Description – It’s stunning! All of their soaps come wrapped in a Areca palm leaf which is then hand stitched shut by the all women enterprise in Kerala that manufacture the ‘Holy Lama Naturals’ range. It’s incredibly mild and I had no problem whatsoever using it on my face. Holy Lama Yogi soap contains two wonderful avureda’s botanicals, Neem and Tulsi.

It is believed that Neem products contain medicinal properties anti fungal, anti-diabetic, antibacterial, antiviral, contraceptive and sedative. It is often used as a component for Ayurvedic and Unani medicine and is prescribed for skin disease.

In Ayurvedic remedies Tulsi is used for common colds, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various forms of poisoning, and even malaria! Traditionally it is taken in herbal tea but because of its medicinal properties it is often used in herbal cosmetics and is skin preparations due to its anti-bacterial actions.


Not only that but as I mentioned above Holy Lama Naturals are ran by a Women’s enterprise.

This unit was set up to support and empower the disadvantaged women of the community. It business acts as a family to women that have been widowed or deserted by their partners.

They also support the mission of “Kudumbashree”, a women oriented, community based, state poverty eradication mission of the government of Kerala.

All their soaps are vegan friendly, meaning they contain no animal byproducts and are not tested on animals .

Whats not to love about this!!



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