The Soul

The heavy grey fog rolled out across the land, its icy fingers and long talon like nails clawing in the soil, probing, digging deep…..searching for what was lost to them.

Those that were caught in its path shivered and were struck with an overpowering stench of old decaying soil, coating their throats and forcing them to suffocate in the thickness of its decay.

Some could have sworn that just for a second….from the corner of their eye they saw a tall grey man within the heart of the fog, as if this great force of nature was emanating from his very being. For those that saw would forever have tormented dreams, even when they would wake from their slumber the torment would follow them. Their life would loose all colour and they would become a darkling, a shell of their former selves. Unfortunately for them the human eyes that saw those from the Other-world would always have a shadow cast on their soul.

The Grey Man moved on, oh how he detested being in this realm. It had taken all his energy to come through the Veil, but, Muirdish had promised that when the Veil was broken the land would be his to darken once again. 

These arrogant wasteful Sluaghs had lost the old ways, ceased to believe in the realms, shattered the country and left Eire in a state of loss. Lambs came to the Grey Man’s mind, meek timid and lost, well they would pay for their arrogance.

When the key was located from within its hiding place he would return it and its host to his home in the nether realm Ollipheist. It would be then that Muirdish and his bride Darganza would open the Veil, allowing his kind to be free so they could walk the lands of Eire once more.

He smirked and from his mouth came the odour of decaying soil, a woman stopped in her tracks and sniffed the air with a look of puzzlement and terror. Reaching out the Grey Man touched her with his long finger, softly snaking it across her throat, she froze unable to move. As he moved away from her she sagged, the shadow on her soul now laughed as it wrapped its fingers into her being, she too became a darkling…never to know light again.

……….This is an extract from the novel that I’m working on, I would really love feedback on it. I am slowly getting through it and loving it wholeheartedly.


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