Pride of the Land

I am safe, I am trusting on our great land.

In a life I walked a path that was my own.

I saw love lost and lost love.

I thread the paths of my ancestors, where tears were shed and their blood flowed.

I see stones marked.

A lifetime of secrets, beliefs and fighters buried in their graves.

‘We were here!’ they cry.

‘We lost ourselves to the mound to give you freedom’.

Forget not the sacrifice of those that came before.

The crimson from within stains our lands… our warriors.

Look not for the brave in fiction but in history.

They too were of flesh and blood… lovers, loved… love.

The dwellings of storytellers, singers and heros were here.

Our roots are anchored to who we are, who we were, we had no fear.

We see our great people now scattered across foreign lands.

We shall herald the call of the Irish, together we shall forever stand.

~ S.J


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