About Sue

IMG_20150823_111317Hi I’m Susan, sometimes known as Sudy and this is my blog, it includes everything from poems, short stories and information on my love of crystals and crystal healing.

After starting to write ‘about Sue’ I’ve come to realise that I’m completely stumped as to what to put on here!

I’m not entirely sure which part about me will interest anyone or if any part will at all. I promise to revisit this page later, that is when I can figure out what to write about myself that will completely captivate you so that you will walk away saying “wow”.

What I do know is that my love of crystals and crystal healing has opened a door for me, learning about natures gems and their healing properties has brought to me a whole new outlook on living my life, believing in me and all the possibilities that I can create for my future.

Life is an adventure and the hardest part is stepping into the unknown and trusting enough in yourself to get there.

I hope I can bring to you a break from the normal hum drum of life, and that you will enjoy my stories, poetry and crystals.

You can also follow me on Twitter @Sudy0  or my Facebook page


One thought on “About Sue

  1. Hi, Sue. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad that you enjoyed my post “Ramping up the tension.” I’ve got my work cut out this week, revising my outline and adding tension to the chapters I’ve already written. Hope you stop by again.

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