azurite cristallisŽe (Chine)
Spiritual healers, energy healers and light workers often use Azurite, it resonates to the exact frequency of the third eye and has been used for centuries in spiritual work and enlightenment.

Legends and History.

To the ancient Egyptians Azurite was sacred, it was believed to be a psychic stone that would aid in connecting to spirit. The high priests and priestesses would grind it down to form a powder and then paint a symbol of a third eye on their forehead in the belief it would increase their power of spiritual connection.

Legend has it that the city of Atlantis revered Azurite, believing it to be a powerful stone for healing. It is said that as a psychic stone it had tremendous power and was shrouded in mystery so much so that its secrets were only known to the high priests.

To the ancient Chinese it was called the Stone of Heaven in the belief it would open the gateway to spiritual heaven.

Greeks used Azurite in healing ceremonies to them it was known as ‘ Caeruleum’, it was also used for visionary insights.

Native Americans would use sacred Azurite to connect to their spirit guides.

Azurite has been used as a pigment dye for paints and fabrics for thousands of years, in the middle ages it was also used as an eye shadow.

Azurite is often found mixed with Malachite, when polished, because of their brilliant green and blue colours it will resemble Mother Earth herself, both stones after blending will work together and create powerful healing energies.

People have used Azurite since ancient times, its name is believed to have derived from a Persian word ‘lazhward’ or the Arabic word ‘azul’ both meaning the word blue. It has been discovered in Namibia, Morocco, Egypt, Australia, Chile, Peru, USA and Russia.

Azurite Uses.

Azurite is said to awaken and stimulate psychic gifts, intuition and clairvoyance, it may open your spirituality and assist you in discovering a new understanding of life. It is said to provide insight into all areas of ones growth and will release stress, confusion and worry.
It will provide a balance to help a person control themselves when they are over emotional and show tendencies to react too quickly and severely.

Azurite is wonderful for stimulating the mind and to keep ones focus interested in life, for this reason it’s perfect for those that are in their well deserved retirement years.
It encourages one to study, keep focused, enhance concentration and the ability to memorise and retain information, this is particularly good for school children and those that are taking exams.

Azurite is a stone that works best with physical connection, if you have a piece in your surroundings be sure to rub gently, also in jewellery form it reacts favourably to being rubbed.

Meditation with Azurite.

This is one of the best stones to meditate with, it will assist a person to quieten their mind and let go of thoughts that may not serve them, supporting a more meditative state so that they can become attune to spiritual guidance, insight and inner vision.
After meditating with Azurite it will continue working with a person by helping them understand information and guidance that may have been given to them during their meditation.

Azurite Chakras.

Brow/Third Eye Chakra.
When out of balance a person may suffer anxiety, paranoia, an inability to concentrate., become prone to daydreaming and become stuck in an emotional and intellectual rut.
Physically a person may suffer headaches and migraines, nightmares and hallucinations.

When in balance a person will have a strong internal voice that they can follow and trust they will have the capacity to live a peaceful life. They will have a keen intellect and strong intuitive abilities with a good imagination that will help them visualise.
A person will be able to rise above conflict and have the ability to remain detached whilst being involved in a positive and productive way.
When this chakra is highly developed an individual will have an expanded spiritual awareness and insight.

Throat Chakra.
When out of balance a person will have a tendency to lie, become fearful and doubtful of what others intentions are towards them. Becoming shy, feeling isolated and misunderstood, cunning to the point of being creatively deceitful and an obvious lack of integrity.
Physically a person may suffer headaches, stiff neck, sore throats and thyroid issues.

When in balance a person will have the ability to speak the truth, communicate beliefs, ideas and emotions. To have complete integrity and become an inspirational speaker, in the process they will have the ability to see the words unspoken or hidden messages communicated by others.
Love Sue x

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.