Cleansing Your Crystals by Smudging


Smudging is one of my favourite techniques for cleansing crystals. The word itself does not sound all that encouraging when you envision yourself working with natures gems, but don’t be deterred by the name, its a beautiful calming ceremony.

What is smudging?

‘Smudging’ is a powerful cleansing technique that comes from Native American tradition. It is when herbs are burned for spiritual, psychic and healing purification. It is used in ceremonies to cleanse people, places and objects from negative energies.

What do I smudge with?

There are a variety of herbs that can be used to smudge your crystals, home or yourself. The most common are White Sage and Sweet Grass I also use Yerba Santa. The herbs are tied into a bundle and allowed to dry, this is then called a ‘smudge stick’. These are sacred herbs and are used in sacred rituals and therefore are treated with great respect.

What do I need to smudge?

  • Smudge Stick.
  • Feather.
  • Candle and match.
  • Large shell, preferably an Abalone Shell.

How do I Smudge my Crystals?

Light your smudge stick from the candle (please be careful not to burn yourself or your property) and gently fan your feather over the smouldering end of your smudge stick. Your intention and belief should be carefully considered to help clear the energy of the crystals to be smudged. Gently pass your crystals through the smoke or alternatively brush the smoke with the feather over the crystals a number of times.

How do I smudge myself?

As above light your smudge stick from your candle, again with great care. Fan with the feather until it begins to smoulder, place the smudge stick in the shell on the ground.

Step through the smoke leading with your right foot, then pick up the shell and using your feather gently waft the smoke toward your body while moving it upwards from the ground.

Keep your thoughts positive, try to picture the sacred smoke cleansing your body and aura of all negative energies.

Always consider your intentions before you smudge and hold it clearly in your mind. Smudging should always be done with reverence and in a complete attitude of love.

Smudging is a truly beautiful and sacred ceremony.


Sue x




Amber is not technically a crystal but is in fact fossilized botanic resin. It varies in colour, from yellow to brown and reddish brown and can often be transparent.

It has an electrical charge when rubbed, in ancient times the Greeks called it ‘elektron’, a word referring to the sun… is thought this is where the word electricity is derived from.

Also in Greek mythology it is said that Amber was created when Phaeton, son of the Sun god Helios was struck by lightening and subsequently died. His sisters were so overcome with grief that they turned into poplar trees and from this the tears that they shed then became droplets of Amber.

The energies from Amber are warm because it is believed to be solar energy. It will bring to the person wearing it a sense of health and well being, it also carries within its energy an organic life, making it feel incredibly friendly.

Amber is a purifier, it acts on the energetic, emotional and physical levels to transform negative energies into clear usable energies.

Because Amber is a form of solidified sunlight, (unlike other crystals and stones that were born from the depths of the Earth) it is an excellent source of beautiful Light energy. Due to its light carrying properties it is excellent in assisting those that can become depressed in the winter months, stimulating the metabolism, physical energy and the flow of energy along the meridians of the body.

Chakra – The Solar Plexus

Key Words – Light energy, Healing, Clarification, Warmth.

Love and healing,

Sue x

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.

Cleansing your Crystals in the Super Moon.


Previously we have had three new supermoons in January, February and March 2015.

This Saturday 29th of August 2015 heralds the first of this years three full supermoons, the others shall be on September 28th and October 27th.

Supermoons are not just visually awe inspiring but they also create highly charged events, it is a wonderful time to renew, replenish and rejuvenate yourself and your crystals.

Crystals absorb energy, from their immediate environment and, if you frequently handle them during healing practices they can absorb negative energies, it is because of this that they should be cleansed regularly.

When you have the opportunity to do this under a full supermoon then grab the opportunity with both hands and super cleanse those babies!!

  • How do you cleanse/charge?

Its actually pretty easy and straightforward, place your crystals under the moonlight (when darkness falls), don’t worry if its cloudy or foggy, your crystals will still pick up on those beautiful cleansing moon rays.

Bring them in ideally before daylight, the main reason for this is so that your brighter more vibrant coloured crystals (for example Amethyst) will fade in sunlight. It wont effect the power of your crystal but some people can be left feeling dismayed and disappointed that the vibrant colours may dull.

  • What if you cant put them outside?

That’s fine, you can leave them in a window where the moonlight streams through, I do this with my crystal jewellery, it still works beautifully.

For me, when I cleanse and charge my crystals (especially the ones that I use for healing practices) I will be the only one to handle them.

Crystals absorb all energies positive and negative, and if I am to work with them I like to keep them as positive as possible, this is to prevent negative energies being transferred to myself or others.

It is always important to remember that after you have charged your crystals that you give them time to renew their abilities of focusing and expanding energies and vibrations.

Enjoy the supermoon πŸ™‚

Love and healing,

Sue x

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DSC_6051 (1)


Some of the oldest examples of Egyptian jewellery contain Carnelian along with turquoise and lapis lazuli.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the goddess Isis used a Carnelian Amulet that she named Thet (also known as the Isis knot or buckle of Isis, and blood of Isis) to protect the deceased soul (Ka) from any harm as they journeyed through to the afterlife.

This power stone, restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates one to follow their path for success.
It is a powerful aid to those that would like to build on their self-confidence and find renewed power within themselves.
If you find decision making difficult and find yourself torn between two paths Carnelian will help build your courage so that you can come to a decision, make a choice and have the courage to follow through with it.
From carnelian’s warm colour flows a creative influence that helps the wearer solve problems. Bringing a quiet sense of determination to any situation, it can dissolve fear, assuring its wearer that they will be ” safe and OK,” no matter what happens.
With its warm colours of orangey-reds, it is also useful to help excite sexual energy and to relieve sexual tension, it is also known to help bring healing to female reproductive problems.

When used in meditation Carnelian can assist in bringing a concept to understanding and then help you bring it to action.

The element of Carnelian is Fire.
Its chakras are Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra.

Love and healing,

Sue x

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.

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Apache Tears

Apache Tears

Let me tell you a beautiful but sad legend.
It is said that a tribe of Apache warriors were ambushed by cavalry, rather then be taken prisoner and suffer horrific torture that would most certainly end in their deaths they decided to ride their horses off a cliff and die as they lived….as warriors.
The Apache women found their men perished at the bottom of the cliff by the waters edge, they cried tears for so long and so hard that the very earth cried with them.…..these tears solidified into droplet shaped stones and became what we know today as Apache Tears.
It is said that when a person holds or works with these crystals that they will grieve but shed only a few tears, it is believed the Apache women cried so much that day that the person that holds the stone need not cry.

Like most Obsidian Apache tears are used for grounding and protection from negative energies. They are excellent in helping a person suffering with grief, when used through meditation they can sometimes bring forward all those feelings of loss, open the floodgates to grief, allowing cleansing and the release of feelings of being wounded.
They are an excellent talisman for protection against negativities, but also assist you in ridding yourself of limitations or burdens you have placed on yourself.

Apache Tears are one of my favourite crystals, because of the incredible grounding effect that they have.
Their elements are Earth and Fire.They work with the Root and Heart chakras.

Love and healing,
Sue x

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.

Green Calcite

Green CalciteDSC_6041 (1)

This photo is of my own Green calcite, one that I use frequently through meditation as it helps me focus on my desires and wishes.

This beautiful calming crystal helps to calm emotions such as anger and irritability. It assists in nurturing positive traits like compassion and patience, and it works wonderfully with the heart chakra, clearing it of stress and other unhealthy debris.

When using green calcite it will bring softness to the heart, engaging forgiveness and encouraging you to release grudges and resentment……bringing forgiveness to yourself is also a beautiful trait of this crystal.
Green calcite helps with Love energy, directing the attention of the mind to the heart.

Carrying or using this peaceful crystal can help you think clearly and feel relaxed when dealing with the everyday stressfulness of life.

Love and healing,
Sue x

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.

Do You Meditate?


Do you meditate?

Meditation helps your body and mind recharge, every cell in the body is filled with prana (breath, considered as a life giving force).
You become settled and relaxed, shelving problems or things that over occupy your mind for those few minutes. As the level of prana increases in your body you are filled with peace and joy.

Mental benefits:
* Happiness increases, anxiety decreases.
* Emotional stability improves.
* Problems become smaller and solutions may come easier.
* Peace of mind.
* Meditation makes you more aware and brings with it an inner happiness and peace.

Physical benefits:
* Assists in lowering blood pressure.
* Helps relax any built up tension in the body, muscle and joint pains.
* Decreases tension in the head, helps with tension headaches.

To experience the benefits of meditation it would be ideal to practice regularly, it only takes a few minutes out of your day.

No matter who you are or what you do, a few minutes to yourself for yourself should be a gift to you from you. You will begin to look forward to that part of your day, learn to unplug yourself from the world and make time for you.
Think of it as planting a tree, the more you love and nourish it the deeper the roots will grow, the taller it will stand as the branches reach for the sun, basking in the glory of life.
Take this time for you, rediscover yourself and enrich your life.

Love and healing,
Sue x

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