Pride of the Land

I am safe, I am trusting on our great land. In a life I walked a path that was my own. I saw love lost and lost love. I thread the paths of my ancestors, where tears were shed and … Continue reading

The Hay Field

Sudy Shorts

Maybe its me, maybe its my fault they sit there waiting, watching. Contemplating my every move and observing my every desire.

They watch the pulse on my neck with intent, knowing the quickening of its tempo gives my true feelings away, licking the sweat from my brow as they taste my fears and ingest my terrors. They know me and chuckle with glee at the wild movements in my eyes as I search for protection.

She sits in the hay field, her sanctuary of threaded golden carpet that is surrounded by the dark forest. She watches the faceless figures moving through the thicket, feeding on her fears and cackling at her struggles. How is it they know when she is at her weakest and only then choose to attack with such ferocity.

The cuts they have left are deep on her skin, the scars have become ragged and raised in…

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Legends, Beliefs – Healing Crystals


Legends, Beliefs – Healing Crystals:

Ancient cultures had incredible connections with crystals. Through archeology and historical records we can gather a clear and definite picture on how crystals played an intricate part of humanity.

The first recorded reference to crystals came from the Ancient Sumerians. This included using crystals in magic formulas.

There are many cultures, such as Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Atlantans, Chinese and Peruvians (to name but a few), that used crystals for numerous purposes. Everything from makeup, talismans, burial items to even medicines.

Some of these legends were extraordinary, for example the Emperor Nero is said to have watched the gladiator games through a large emerald. Another legend states that royalty would place Golden Topaz beside their food or drink, believing if it contained poison the crystal would change colour!

I have listed below a handful of crystals with cultures and beliefs attached to them.


The ancient Egyptians believed that the goddess Isis used a Carnelian Amulet that she named ‘Thet’ (also known as the Isis knot or buckle of Isis, and blood of Isis) to protect the deceased soul (Ka) from any harm as they journeyed through to the afterlife.


King Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus was richly inlaid with Lapis as were many ornaments and jewellery from ancient Egyptian times, it was also frequently ground down into a powder and used as eye make up and dye.


In Native American folklore Turquoise is a revered stone.

It is said that there was once a great chief whose skin was the colour of Turquoise. On one very hot day he was running from his enemies through the desert. When he stopped to rest, beads of sweat fell from his body, collected on the rocks and became Turquoise.

The Navajo would pray to the rain Gods, they would then throw a piece of Turquoise into the river as an offering.

The Zuni believed that turquoise protected them from demons.

The Pueblos believed that the colour Turquoise was stolen from the sky.


It is said that a tribe of Apache warriors were ambushed by cavalry, rather than be taken prisoner and suffer horrific torture that would most certainly end in their deaths they decided to ride their horses off a cliff and die as they lived….as warriors.

The Apache women found their men perished at the bottom of the cliff by the waters edge, they cried tears for so long and so hard that the very earth cried with them.…..these tears solidified into droplet shaped stones and became what we know today as Apache Tears.

It is said that when a person holds or works with these crystals that they will grieve but shed only a few tears, it is believed the Apache women cried so much that day that the person that holds the stone need not cry.


To the ancient Egyptians Azurite was sacred, it was believed to be a psychic stone that would aid in connecting to spirit. The high priests and priestesses would grind it down to form a powder and then paint a symbol of a third eye on their forehead in the belief it would increase their power of spiritual connection.

Legend has it that the city of Atlantis revered Azurite, believing it to be a powerful stone for healing. It is said that as a psychic stone it had tremendous power and was shrouded in mystery so much so that its secrets were only known to the high priests.

To the ancient Chinese it was called the Stone of Heaven in the belief it would open the gateway to spiritual heaven.

Greeks used Azurite in healing ceremonies to them it was known as ‘ Caeruleum’, it was also used for visionary insights.

Native Americans would use sacred Azurite to connect to their spirit guides.

Azurite has been used as a pigment dye for paints and fabrics for thousands of years, in the middle ages it was also used as an eye shadow.


Amazonite is called The Amazon Stone, it was once thought to be found on the Amazon river but scientists now believe that this is incorrect, although it is found in other parts of Brazil and also Mozambique, Namibia, Canada, Russia and the United States.

It was carved and cut into tablets for the Egyptian Book of the Dead, an Amazonite ring in the shape of a scarab was also found amongst the treasures in the burial chambers of Tutankhamen.

It was believed to have adorned the shields of the mythical Amazonian Warrior women who were thought to have existed in the 10th century, it was further used by them to heal wounds and treat illnesses of all kinds.


In Inuit legend the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador, until one day a great Inuit warrior discovered them and freed most of them with a mighty blow from his spear, however, some remained trapped within the stones and gave us today the beauty that is Labradorite.

In Finland Spectrolite was discovered by accident during the second world war when stone was being quarried for the purpose of anti-tank obstacles.

These pieces of Spectrolite are amongst the most impressive and are considered to be of gem quality so as to be used in jewellery.


In Greek legend it is said Adonis the lover of Aphrodite was attacked by Ares whilst he was in the form of a boar. Aphrodite in fear for her lover ran to be by his side, she caught herself on a briar bush. Her blood mingled with the blood of Adonis and stained the white quartz pink.

Zeus took pity on the lovers and decided to return Adonis to Aphrodite for six months every year, it is from this legend that Rose Quartz became known as the symbol for love renewed.

In Egyptian mythology it is said that the Goddess Isis used Rose Quartz on her face to give her eternal beauty and youth.


Archaeologists have reportedly found beauty products made from Rose Quartz in tombs that have been exhumed, it was believed by ancient Egyptians that the use of this crystal in beauty regimes would also bring them a flawless complexion.

Bloodstone holds a very in depth history through Christianity. It is believed to have come from the blood of Jesus Christ. As He was on the cross it is said there was green jasper placed at his feet. Blood fell from his wounds and splashed the stones and forever more the stone held the blood of Christ and became known as Bloodstone.

Bloodstone is also referred to as The Martyrs Stone as it was often used in carvings of scenes from the crucifixion also used in sculptures representing martyrdom and flagellation.

Bloodstone can also be called Heliotrope, the Sun Stone in Greek, it was believed that when immersed into water it could turn the reflection of the sun into blood red.

Used as a talisman, it would bring good health and a long life. The owner would incur respect, fortune and fame throughout their life.

Warriors would often bring amulets of Bloodstone into combat, believing it would help protect them and overcome enemies in battle. It would also stem bleeding from wounds they may receive during these encounters.


Malachite was a stone that was used by the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, they adorned their headdress with the stone in the belief that Malachite would raise the vibrations of the Pharaoh and allow them to connect with higher realms to receive guidance and council.

The Egyptians also ground Malachite down to a fine powder and used it as a colourful green eye shadow.

In Greece people would often attach Malachite beads to their babies cribs as it was believed that it would protect the infant against evil entities and grant them a peaceful sleep.

In Germany workers would often wear Malachite with Turquoise to protect them from falling, miners would use Malachite to protect from accidents.

It was believed that if a piece of Malachite shattered into pieces that it was bringing warning of impending danger.

The Italians would wear a piece of Malachite with a shape that resembled an eye set in silver believing it would protect them against the Evil Eye.

The middle ages saw Malachite used to protect the wearer from black magic and evil sorcery.

Holy Lama ‘Yogi’ Soap

yogi-soap-cover (1)

I have recently discovered the Holy Lama range and felt a review was necessary. I can sum my personal opinion up quite simply in just four words ‘I am in LOVE!’. I’m not kidding! My bathroom has the distinct aroma of a tropical rainforest or a spice market in the middle east, I am literally transported to another time and exotic location.

I have incredibly sensitive skin and have amassed a warehouse of products that promise ‘perfected beauty in just three weeks’ or ‘ you’ll never use another item in your beauty routine once you’ve used our product’. Fair enough, that may be true for the vast majority of the nation but certinly not me. I had read reviews on the Holy Lama range and all were very positive so I decided why not, lets give it a go!yogi-open

I started my journey with the mild Holy Lama ‘Yogi’ Soap, so i’ll focus on this for the moment.

Company description – Holy Lama ‘Yogi’ Soap A Soap with unique properties of ayurveda’s most esteemed botanicals – Neem and Tulsi. Incredibly mild, hence can be used on the face too. This soap has Cold Pressed Coconut Oil saponified and pure essential oils. It is handmade with no synthetic fragrance or colour added to it.

My Description – It’s stunning! All of their soaps come wrapped in a Areca palm leaf which is then hand stitched shut by the all women enterprise in Kerala that manufacture the ‘Holy Lama Naturals’ range. It’s incredibly mild and I had no problem whatsoever using it on my face. Holy Lama Yogi soap contains two wonderful avureda’s botanicals, Neem and Tulsi.

It is believed that Neem products contain medicinal properties anti fungal, anti-diabetic, antibacterial, antiviral, contraceptive and sedative. It is often used as a component for Ayurvedic and Unani medicine and is prescribed for skin disease.

In Ayurvedic remedies Tulsi is used for common colds, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various forms of poisoning, and even malaria! Traditionally it is taken in herbal tea but because of its medicinal properties it is often used in herbal cosmetics and is skin preparations due to its anti-bacterial actions.


Not only that but as I mentioned above Holy Lama Naturals are ran by a Women’s enterprise.

This unit was set up to support and empower the disadvantaged women of the community. It business acts as a family to women that have been widowed or deserted by their partners.

They also support the mission of “Kudumbashree”, a women oriented, community based, state poverty eradication mission of the government of Kerala.

All their soaps are vegan friendly, meaning they contain no animal byproducts and are not tested on animals .

Whats not to love about this!!



….and then she began to breath, her eyes opened at last to the realisation that there was nothing she could do to change it.
She could either stay in the darkness and be harressed and constantly watched by the demon that wanted to destroy her or, she could gather her strength and pull herself from this hell she was in.
She would never return to that place, the
demon could stay in his hell while she, and what she truly loved continued a life of hope……

Blood Lust

The blood moon lit the gentle flowing waters, the beat of the waves washing the shore and the figure lying on the edge.

She stirred as the icy waters crept further up her legs, the tides resiliently moving forward to claim the beach. Managing to open her eyes she immediately felt the excruciating pain resounding in her head. The metallic taste in her mouth and the flow of blood that ran down the back of her throat forcing her to gag.

In a confused haze she pulls herself up, trying to gauge her surroundings. This only adds to her confusion.

Last thing she remembered was running. It had been late when she had gotten home from work. All she had wanted to do was run, breath deep the night air and clear her head of that insufferable ring tone and that loud intrusive laugh of Grace, the office jester.

With her layered make-up and red lipstick which was constantly reapplied, resulting in the rouge creeping up her teeth. Grace reminded Jen of a hyena eating a pig, with her cackling laugh followed by that ridiculous snort.

She shivered, bringing herself back to her confusion. She tried to clear the fog in her mind…. what had happened?

Running, yes that was it.

She had taken the route that bypassed the harbour, the smell of fish from the auction house holding heavy in the air. The last few trawler men nodding in approval at her as she had ran past. Jen knew she could catch their eye, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a figure she had worked hard for. OK she may have put some money in there too, but who cares… everyone was doing it now.

But then something else caught her attention, the alley that went between The Port Pub and The Trinket shop. That’s where she saw the burning ember of a cigarette being risen to an unseen mouth, the dull glow becoming a fiery orange as someone drew deep on it, but that glow was enough for her to see yellow stained teeth, a sneer attached to them that threatened to engulf her. The coil of smoke was exhaled and lost to the darkness and so too was the figure.

Its eyes were still on her, she was unable to pick them out but she could still feel them, it caused a cold sweat to run from her pores. Quickening her pace she took the disused launching road down to the moonlit beach to escape the feeling.

It was then she felt she could relax, the beach gently lit my the moon. The only sound she could hear was of her feet hitting the sand, crunching heavily under her powerful stride.

She had been so lost in her own thoughts that she was not entirely sure when she had noticed the burning ember or had smelt the sickly sweet nicotine ahead of her.

Stopping dead in her tracks she held her breath… it had to be someone else, there was only one way on and off this stretch and that was behind her. Unnerved, she stumbled backwards and fell heavily, hitting her head upon a rock, darkness comes to her fast, it whispers in her ear to sleep and she listens.

Jen is now where she is, terror grips her body as she realises why she is here, where is that figure? She put herself out here, she feels foolish for her own behaviour. The impact of her situation now hits her, her body finds a renewed strength.

She finds her arms, her finger finds a solid buried deep within the sand and her legs find power.

Jen is up, her legs are moving before her mind has caught up… she hears it…

The crunch of sand behind her, it is there, its feet finding a seamless pattern behind her.

Her heart in her throat, the taste of blood still fragrant in her mouth she pushes her body to extremes, her inner voice screams… ” RUN DAMN IT”.

It is upon her, it can smell her fear and taste the blood in the air, Jen is felled….

He takes her, he knows she is now weak, nothing like beautiful in fear.

The terror is now in her eyes as he pins her down, his mouth forced on her lips and his tongue probes for her fear. He has her taste on him now, his tongue now works it’s way across her cheek, looking for her life blood.. he has found it, biting hard on her pulsating neck and the metallic taste of crimson in his mouth encourages his want for her… life is weak, he thinks as his lips lock solid…

He has taken what he needs, what is left of her remains his daemons take. The body he has left is now devoured and consumed in the slithering mass of vile malevolence. He watches over them as they feast on her. Running his finger across his lips where her crimson blood remains he feels triumphant at her soul within him struggling, sneering in the knowledge that she belongs to him now.
This is only the beginning. We watch, we taste, we shall belong again…

On the beach, in her mind and drawing her last breath, Jen hears Grace laugh… like a hyena eating a pig.

Call Me Dreamer

Do you see them? All your dreams, can you touch them? Can you say that you have achieved them, or at least a handful?

We are all dreamers, for without our dreams reality would become mundane. What would your day hold if you couldn’t dream? Is it something simple like getting that jacket that you wanted, or really going big and winning the National Lottery?

Are your dreams achievable? Do you wake in the morning and say “Yes! Today is the day my dreams become real”, or do you hit snooze for 30 minutes and only then manage to crack your eyes open a fraction so as to see the light, dragging your way out of bed in a sorrowful state knowing today will be the same as every other. Are you happy in what you do on a daily basis?

No?…. Well change it!

Come on, realistically you have one in a million chance of winning the lottery, so go make your destiny your own! Why define your dreams on chance, make a decision and make them real.

Sir Isaac Newton had an apple fall on his head and dreamt up the Universal Law of Gravitation! His dream was real, the world benefited from a man in a powdered white wig and grey ankle length pants sitting under an apple tree and having fruit hit his head at high velocity.

So, what’s your dream? Do you have in your head the plans of a magnificent invention that will change the course of the world, or in fact the universe. Or is it something personnel, a private goal or achievement.
I’ve asked the question, so what’s your answer? Have you paused yet and said, “Well actually, yes!”. Good! Hold that dream tight.

Why have you not gone forth and conquered that of which you most desire. Do you make excuses? For example, “What would people think?”. Now that seems to be the most common obstruction of what you can and most definitely can do. But, read into that for one moment… the more appropriate stumbling block would be “What would people think, if I failed?”.

It forces me to think of the reasoning behind people putting limitations on themselves. Fear, fear of failure but more importantly of peoples opinions of you failing. Do their opinions really matter? Will what others say and think really impact your life that much?

Only you have the power to change and make those dreams possible, no-one else does. Take your power back, the unknown or known voices and opinions have no right over who or what you are. Invoke yourself with the strength that lies within, wake it up and watch your dreams come true.

Do not be afraid of the greatness that you can become, take a step forward, breath deep and embrace it. Be that dreamer and do what you were truly destined to do.

Remember this, “Call me Dreamer, for my dreams call and my destiny awaits”.

I look forward to seeing you there.

The Book

She is most comfortable in her inglenook. She feels the heat prickle her skin as she watches the oranges and reds dance within the hearth of the fire.

The book, her most treasured possession is draped half open across her lap. The pages she has read are crumpled and creased from where she has thumbed through them. She knows this book well, the characters that she loves dearest and the ones she adores to hate. She has followed their fables and lost herself in their adventures.

Reality ceases to exist in this world as she walks in theirs.

Clutching her book tightly she wishes, no, wants to be where they are, to experience their lives and loves. Especially the one, her greatest admiration in this book.
This honour sits with the eloquent lady that every adventure and love surrounds. This character has shown strength in the greatest of adversities and has shown beliefs when others had none. When trapped in, what only one could believe as inescapable positions, she has shown a courage and a strength that have left all in reverence.

How she adores this lady, for as long as she can remember she has yearned to be in her company. Her mind races with a thousand unanswered questions, her eyes ache to envision this most beautiful and remarkable lady, but this book will have to fill the space of mystery that besieges her.

The popping of damp wood on the fire brings her back to existence, she adjusts herself and shifts position in where she rests.

Realising how tightly she has clutched her book, she releases it gently. She runs her fingers once more over the indents on the paper from where her mother has exquisitely written her thoughts. This is all she has of her mother, her diary.

She skims to the end and rereads the last entry… “Today I will meet you, the signs have started and it wont be long. I feel like I know you already, I have felt you wriggle and have spoken to you daily. Your dreams will be mine and I will spend my lifetime loving you. My heart will only beat for you my angel. I will see you soon.”

Tracing the last words with her finger tips she smiles, her mother was a remarkable lady that loved her before she truly knew her. This book had given her strength her entire life and today she would show her mother that she could be proud of her.

Standing up she places the book on the shelf and walks towards the door. A voice calls… “Darling, I have your bags in the car. Are you ready to go?”. She looks towards her love, his face is full of excitement and realisation of their future.

The pain rushes across her swollen belly once more. She gently places the palm of her hand on her bump and massages until the spasm ceases, smiling she says “Don’t worry my little angel, I am here for you always and our futures will be great. I will see you soon”.