Pride of the Land

I am safe, I am trusting on our great land. In a life I walked a path that was my own. I saw love lost and lost love. I thread the paths of my ancestors, where tears were shed and … Continue reading

September 27th/ 28th 2015 Blood Moon


This September 27th/28th will bring us a very unusual celestial event, a Blood Moon, Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse in one eventful night.

Total Supermoon eclipses are rare, according to NASA in the 1900’s they have only occurred five times. After this September 27th/28th it will not happen for another 18 years.

This coming Lunar Eclipse is the fourth and final one in a total of four Lunar Eclipses (called the Lunar Tetrad). The previous eclipses have occurred on April 15th 2014, October 8th 2014 and April 4th 2015. The really interesting thing about these dates are, that each of these eclipses in the Tetrad have occurred about six months apart and have 5 full moons between them!

A Blood Moon is a Full Moon, a perfect opposition of the Moon and Sun with Earth in the middle partially blocking the Sun’s light making the Moon appear red.

It is believed that the human race will experience an awakening, a greater sense of intuition and some will even say psychic abilities.

The collective conciseness of people around the world will feel their willpower expand a strong determination and willingness to expand and learn.

For those of us that are lovers of crystals and crystal healing this is a perfect time to cleanse and recharge our beautiful natures gems.

Crystals absorb energy, from their immediate environment and, if you handle them frequently during healing practice they will absorb negative energies.

To cleanse your crystals bring them outside when darkness falls, if you are unable to bring them outside then leave them inside your window, the moons rays will still have an active effect on your crystals, leave them there to pick up the maximum cleansing power of this unusual celestial event.

You should ideally leave them out overnight but do try to bring them in before sunlight, some crystals can loose their colour from the sun, it will not affect their vibrations but it can be upsetting if your beloved crystals loose their vibrant lustre.

It is important to remember that after you have charged your crystals that you give them time to renew their abilities of focusing and expanding energies and vibrations.

Something that could also be worthwhile for you to also do is meditate under this Blood Moon, it will be a rare opportunity for you to work on your spiritual growth and soul knowledge.

Wishing you a wonderful spiritual journey on this rare celestial event.

Love Sue xx

Seven Friends


Good Weather Friends

When the sun shines and life is good out they come.

They tend to orbit around people that have gained some good fortune, whether its financial or just good old confidence. Leeching on you before you know it, but beware, when life turns sour they disappear like a snowman in a heat wave.

Partner In Crime Friends

Lets just say when it calls for a little bit of skulduggery they will be right beside you.

When you fall they wont pick you up… fact, they will fall around hysterically and shout you a shot of tequila to help heal your bloodied knees.

Emotional Friends

NEVER watch Titanic or Bambi with these weeping wonders of nature. If you do find yourself in the above position then in all that’s holy bring the Kleenex.

Do not believe them under any circumstance when they say ‘I wont cry this time’. Its a ruse, they cried the other thirty-six times, number thirty-seven wont be any different.

Smart Friends

These are the friends to bring to dinner parties ran by members of Mensa.

Average IQ of 160 and Doctorates laying between them like potholes on an Irish road. This friend wont let you down when asked about the ‘philosophy of existentialism’.

You will take their queue and nod or shake your head in a knowing way……thus through your friend your intellectual criteria has been met, happy days!

Never on Time Friends

So your meeting for dinner at 8? Best tell this tardy individual that plans are set for 7.

You can be sure they’ll still be late but, at least this way it may only be by half an hour and your hunger pains wont have really kicked in.

Complaining Friends

So at least your dinner has started (after above friend has arrived), you’ve ordered and your mouth is calling for its taste buds to be satisfied, the starters arrive and BOOM! ‘That’s not what I ordered!!’ resonates from your left hand side, the table is thrown into disrepair as the waitress attempts to rectify the situation.

There is a positive side, their skill for complaining is so vast that a lovely bottle of white wine is thrown in for free……bonus!!!

Relationship Expert Friends

Restore the love in your relationship!!

No matter how good or bad your love life is this singleton will always know better, possibly for better or worse but their intentions are always putting you first.



Does it actually matter which of the above applies to who you surround yourself with?

There is a singular word that repeats itself ‘ Friend’.

If you are lucky enough to have an abundance of friends and laugh at whom is who and which category they lie in then you are rich. If you have a friend that all categories apply to then hold on to them, they are a rarity.

If you are reading this and know you have these people in your life then that also means that you my friend are also a true friend.

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Life Without You

What if I took a moment to see,

what my life without you would be.

A starless night would come to mind,

a sightless view forever blind.

A bird without song would silently wait,

looking in the distance for her lost soul mate.

A stormy ocean where wild winds blow,

lost in the waters in turbulent flow.

These thoughts haunt of visions I see,

would this then mean I would only be me.

A life without you I would not be whole,

My heart would not beat, I would be without soul.

I need not fear destiny came through,

you are by my side, my future for always is you.

Unfortunately A True Story

…..driving along in my little vehicle on this gorgeous day, front windows down air gushing through…heaven you would think….you would be wrong.
A large brown object flies through the open window at speed!!!!!
Startled as I am, I manage to manoeuvre to a screeching stop (due to my friggin awesome driving skills).
Admittedly I screamed on a constant and so loud the sound barrier was broken and locals were deafened.
Leaping out of my car I hit the ground running still screaming, until I see it….it’s big…it’s huge….it’s a leaf, yes a bloody leaf.
I unceremoniously grab this kamikaze freak of nature and say a few choice words as I remove it from my vehicle.
At this point I gain my composure, only to realise I have an audience, a lovely little family out for a stroll.
Me!! All I could say was ‘ bloody leaf scared the shite out of me’.
I at this point remove myself from their company.
All in all its been a day of learning 

Good Morning!!

..awake at stupid o’clock I could see the day starting to brighten through my curtains, despite the time I pulled myself from my warm bed to make a cup of tea.
Looking out the window, waiting for the kettle to boil I decided…. ‘screw it, I’m going to be a rebel and have my tea outside’.
This turned out to be my best decision so far today.
I watched the sun as it broke through a low fog, the clouds started to colour with every shade of orange and pink.
Birds started to flit skyward and the sound of seagulls calling broke the stillness.
I don’t think I have ever really appreciated first light and what it brings.
It felt like the rest of the world was on hold, it’s that feeling you get when peace seems to settle on everything around you, including you.
It’s a divine serenity that brings stillness to any and all turmoil……it’s to be able to breathe.
I’m not entirely sure if this stupid o’clock start will be a daily ritual, but it’s most certainly something I will keep for those times when it gets too busy and I loose my breath.
Give it a go, you’d be astounded at how you feel.
Anyway, obviously writer head is on but inspiration has most definitely kicked in.
Good morning all! Have a great day x

Faith Calls

In her own time, in her own mind, she can be finally free.

Closing her eyes and retreating into a world of infinite possibilities becomes her daily escape.

It is here she utters words that refuse to pass her lips and find form. This is where she can become the person she dreams to be. A warrior of her own heart, marching to a beat that sustains her cherished life.

Questions are always present. Why can I not be this person in my waking world? Why does my strength flee in fear when confrontation battles me? Where do I hide?

Opening her eyes she sees the evening light disappear, the blanket of a dark starry night will cover what is left of the day.

‘Tomorrow will come, a day will happen and my dreams will still be there for me.’

‘There will be a time when I need not close my eyes to dream, what I foretell in my mind will be real’… she sighs.

Until then, tomorrow will waken the days, the nights will darken the land and the stars will shine.

My lady’s dreams will exist. 

They are not really afraid and will not abandon her….they will wait, breath and live. Prepared for her destiny, she will be born again.

Loving You Dearest

Lightly running his fingers through her hair he watches her chest raise and fall in a slow methodical manner.

The moment she took the secretarial job in his fathers office he knew he had to have her.

Tentatively running his index finger across her now bare shoulder he reminisces on a history that he has created with her.

It was almost fourteen months ago to the day that he was introduced to Kate, he could initially see his fathers reasoning behind hiring her. She possessed the darkest brown eyes he had ever seen, he felt like he was drowning in liquorice pools when she looked at him, her long raven hair fell softly towards the curve of her back. When he ran his eyes over her exquisitely toned body he had dark thoughts, they forged unintelligible words in his head that would or could not cross his lips.

It was interesting to watch the way they drooled over her, often sitting at his desk he would see their eyes follow Kate across the room, even the other ladies in the office started to dress up more, cover themselves in imitation designer perfumes, and limp around in stiletto heels that made them look like baby elephants on a tight rope.

Tailored well fitted suits were his normal attire for work, they fit his body so as to show his muscular frame bursting from within, slick hair cut on a fortnightly basis and expensive aftershave were his trademarks. He worked as hard on himself as he did in the office, liking things to be clean and organised was always a good thing when you were surrounded by vermin, ones he was forced to be around on a daily basis.

Kate was the first thing he had wanted since Chloe, yes Chloe, she had been very good, he had taken what he needed from her. Missing her was an unfortunate side effect but he had filled his lust with whatever he could have. Paying for services had never been an issue, they ran a business as efficiently as he did and both parties benefited from the transaction.

Keeping his lust for Kate secret in the office was easy, he was far from stupid, paying her as much attention as he did the others gave no signal to his plans.

Sanctioning a staff night at The Manor Pub was always going to work in his favour, his plan was constructed months ago so as he could have his time alone with her. Offering a few hours overtime was just the incentive she needed.

Kate was so lost in her work that she was unaware of his approach from behind, covering her nose and mouth with a chemically soaked rag rendered her unconscious. Moving quickly he lifted her limp figure over his shoulder and swiftly moved towards the service elevator that would take him to the underground car park. It really was terribly unfortunate that vandals had destroyed the surveillance system two nights previous,’ Who would do such a thing?’ he had said to his father.

He bundles her into the back of his five series BMW and covers her slight frame in an old blanket, his movements were perfectly premeditated.

Bringing her home he expertly carries her to his prepared room, using cable ties to bind her to his bed he allowes the chemicals to keep her in a deep slumber. His plan was faultless, it would give him the opportunity to make an appearance at The Manor.

Being forced to smile and pretend he enjoyed their company was painful, but knowing she was waiting for him was truly torturous, his craving for her continued to build but, he was a patient man. Protecting himself was the priority and establishing an alibi took precedence over his desires.

Leaving them when they were sufficiently drunk ensured they would have impaired memories of whom was there, when they left or if they ever actually did.

Kate never regains consciousness, he is a twisted individual, even by his own standards. Enjoying his time on her, he relishes in the cuts that run deep on her now ruined body, running his fingers on the ragged flesh the blade has left behind. He watches as the blood pools on the floor beneath and spreads itself out as if looking for its dieing host.

Laying beside her he listens, her breathing becoming laboured, a gargling rises from somewhere deep within, her chest becomes still as life departs. This is where he truly loves her, but she has left him, just like Chloe.

It has been seven weeks since Kates disappearance, unable to hold her secretarial position open any longer his father has filled it.

 The office door opens and a beautiful slim redhead walks in, the vermin all look and he can see their want for her already. Consuming her with his eyes he thinks….. ‘I will be loving you dearest’