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Amazonite is a stone of harmony, it brings a balance within oneself and those that come into contact with it.

Legends and History.

Amazonite is called The Amazon Stone, it was once thought to be found on the Amazon river but scientists now believe that this is incorrect, although it is found in other parts of Brazil and also Mozambique, Namibia, Canada, Russia and the United States.

It was carved and cut into tablets for the Egyptian Book of the Dead, an Amazonite ring in the shape of a scarab was also found amongst the treasures in the burial chambers of Tutankhamen.

It was believed to have adorned the shields of the mythical Amazonian Warrior women who were thought to have existed in the 10th century, it was further used by them to heal wounds and treat illnesses of all kinds.
Properties and Uses.

Amazonite is often referred to as The Stone of Courage and The Stone of Hope, it is said to assist the wearer in becoming a peacemaker and speaking the truth, communicating honestly ones truest thoughts and feelings without becoming over emotional.

There are those that after being left disappointed by a situation may enter a self destruct mode, Amazonite will help calm and balance so as to eliminate the irritation that may be projected and increase the confidence in oneself and in others.

Amazonite will help one to search within themselves and discover their own truths and integrity, to become non-judgemental of others and avoid confrontation so as to live in harmony.

Amazonite will enhance communication on all levels, self expression on ones own thoughts, beliefs and feelings will flow freely without fear of judgement from others. It will enhance the compassion you feel and will allow you to look at differing opinions and perceive both sides of a problem.

Amazonite is the perfect stone for those with anger issues, it will help eliminate aggravation and boost self love so that ones spirit can be cleansed of stagnant negative energies.

When faced with awkward and tough decisions holding a piece of Amazonite will assist you in making a choice that is right for you.

Metaphysically Amazonite is thought to have incredible healing abilities, it is said to balance both the masculine and feminine energies and to increase stamina and physical strength.

Amazonite can stimulate creativity and artistic abilities for its wearer.

Placing a piece of Amazonite in the workplace can assist in ridding the area of negative energies, protecting against unfair and devious business dealings. It can attract new customers and improve business with new opportunities and growth.

When placed on the Third Eye Amazonite will help unlock psychic vision.

When faced with public speaking carrying a piece of Amazonite will assist you as it works wonderfully with the throat chakra.

Meditating with Amazonite.

Meditation with Amazonite can help one to become more aware, it will inspire a person to listen to what the ‘self ‘is trying to say on all aspects of life.
It will inspire dreams, visions and a trust of your own intuition, enabling one to manifest and retain the Divine energy that is provided by universal love.

Amazonite Chakras.

Throat Chakra:
When out of balance a person will have a tendency to lie, become fearful and doubtful of what others intentions are towards them. Becoming shy, feeling isolated and misunderstood, cunning to the point of being creatively deceitful and an obvious lack of integrity. Physically a person may suffer headaches, stiff neck, sore throats and thyroid issues.

When in balance a person will have the ability to speak the truth, communicate beliefs, ideas and emotions. To have complete integrity and become an inspirational speaker, in the process they will have the ability to see the words unspoken or hidden messages communicated by others.

Heart Chakra:
When the heart chakra is out of balance it can cause a person to become uncommitted, detached, unforgiving, distrustful, controlling or feel controlled in a relationship.

When in balance this chakra enhances the love you have for yourself, empathy and forgiveness for others. You will reconnect to the beauty of life within you and in all that surrounds you. Within emotional relationships you will be able to accept change and understand the nature of what these connections mean.

Third Eye Chakra:
When out of balance a person may suffer anxiety, paranoia, an inability to concentrate, become prone to daydreaming and become stuck in an emotional and intellectual rut. Physically a person may suffer headaches and migraines, nightmares and hallucinations.

When in balance a person will have a strong internal voice that they can follow and trust they will have the capacity to live a peaceful life. They will have a keen intellect and strong intuitive abilities with a good imagination that will help them visualise. A person will be able to rise above conflict and have the ability to remain detached whilst being involved in a positive and productive way.
When this chakra is highly developed an individual will have an expanded spiritual awareness and insight.
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Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.