azurite cristallisŽe (Chine)
Spiritual healers, energy healers and light workers often use Azurite, it resonates to the exact frequency of the third eye and has been used for centuries in spiritual work and enlightenment.

Legends and History.

To the ancient Egyptians Azurite was sacred, it was believed to be a psychic stone that would aid in connecting to spirit. The high priests and priestesses would grind it down to form a powder and then paint a symbol of a third eye on their forehead in the belief it would increase their power of spiritual connection.

Legend has it that the city of Atlantis revered Azurite, believing it to be a powerful stone for healing. It is said that as a psychic stone it had tremendous power and was shrouded in mystery so much so that its secrets were only known to the high priests.

To the ancient Chinese it was called the Stone of Heaven in the belief it would open the gateway to spiritual heaven.

Greeks used Azurite in healing ceremonies to them it was known as ‘ Caeruleum’, it was also used for visionary insights.

Native Americans would use sacred Azurite to connect to their spirit guides.

Azurite has been used as a pigment dye for paints and fabrics for thousands of years, in the middle ages it was also used as an eye shadow.

Azurite is often found mixed with Malachite, when polished, because of their brilliant green and blue colours it will resemble Mother Earth herself, both stones after blending will work together and create powerful healing energies.

People have used Azurite since ancient times, its name is believed to have derived from a Persian word ‘lazhward’ or the Arabic word ‘azul’ both meaning the word blue. It has been discovered in Namibia, Morocco, Egypt, Australia, Chile, Peru, USA and Russia.

Azurite Uses.

Azurite is said to awaken and stimulate psychic gifts, intuition and clairvoyance, it may open your spirituality and assist you in discovering a new understanding of life. It is said to provide insight into all areas of ones growth and will release stress, confusion and worry.
It will provide a balance to help a person control themselves when they are over emotional and show tendencies to react too quickly and severely.

Azurite is wonderful for stimulating the mind and to keep ones focus interested in life, for this reason it’s perfect for those that are in their well deserved retirement years.
It encourages one to study, keep focused, enhance concentration and the ability to memorise and retain information, this is particularly good for school children and those that are taking exams.

Azurite is a stone that works best with physical connection, if you have a piece in your surroundings be sure to rub gently, also in jewellery form it reacts favourably to being rubbed.

Meditation with Azurite.

This is one of the best stones to meditate with, it will assist a person to quieten their mind and let go of thoughts that may not serve them, supporting a more meditative state so that they can become attune to spiritual guidance, insight and inner vision.
After meditating with Azurite it will continue working with a person by helping them understand information and guidance that may have been given to them during their meditation.

Azurite Chakras.

Brow/Third Eye Chakra.
When out of balance a person may suffer anxiety, paranoia, an inability to concentrate., become prone to daydreaming and become stuck in an emotional and intellectual rut.
Physically a person may suffer headaches and migraines, nightmares and hallucinations.

When in balance a person will have a strong internal voice that they can follow and trust they will have the capacity to live a peaceful life. They will have a keen intellect and strong intuitive abilities with a good imagination that will help them visualise.
A person will be able to rise above conflict and have the ability to remain detached whilst being involved in a positive and productive way.
When this chakra is highly developed an individual will have an expanded spiritual awareness and insight.

Throat Chakra.
When out of balance a person will have a tendency to lie, become fearful and doubtful of what others intentions are towards them. Becoming shy, feeling isolated and misunderstood, cunning to the point of being creatively deceitful and an obvious lack of integrity.
Physically a person may suffer headaches, stiff neck, sore throats and thyroid issues.

When in balance a person will have the ability to speak the truth, communicate beliefs, ideas and emotions. To have complete integrity and become an inspirational speaker, in the process they will have the ability to see the words unspoken or hidden messages communicated by others.
Love Sue x

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.


Rose Quartz


Photo courtesy of : Jeff Scovil

Rose Quartz is known as the ‘Love Stone’, it is said to bring the wearer unconditional love, for themselves, their partner family and friends, the Earth, the Universe and the Divine.

Legends and History of Rose Quartz.

In Greek legend it is said Adonis the lover of Aphrodite was attacked by Ares whilst he was in the form of a boar. Aphrodite in fear for her lover ran to be by his side, she caught herself on a briar bush. Her blood mingled with the blood of Adonis and stained the white quartz pink.

Zeus took pity on the lovers and decided to return Adonis to Aphrodite for six months every year, it is from this legend that Rose Quartz became known as the symbol for love renewed.

In Egyptian mythology it is said that the Goddess Isis used Rose Quartz on her face to give her eternal beauty and youth.

Archaeologists have reportedly found beauty products made from Rose Quartz in tombs that have been exhumed, it was believed by ancient Egyptians that the use of this crystal in beauty regimes would also bring them a flawless complexion.

Properties and Uses of Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is a stone of love, it teaches a person to love themselves, for if you do not hold love for yourself then how can it be expected for you to receive love from others?

It works wonderfully for those that have suffered emotional hurt, it helps heal the wounds from the inside and in doing this assists personnel and spiritual growth.

Many people sleep with Rose Quartz under their pillow, adults and children (for children that also have fear of the dark), as it brings peaceful rest and loving dreams.

Rose Quartz works with those that have lost their mother, it also assists mother and child to bond, by placing on the stomach during pregnancy.

As a stone of love and tenderness it can be a particularly strong aphrodisiac by stimulating sensual awareness and imagination between you and your partner.

Rose Quartz is a the perfect stone to meditate with as its gentle vibrations will open your heart chakra, you will feel a sense of inner peace and self worth in all matters of the heart.

As a talisman of love Rose Quartz can spread compassion and understanding, giving it as a gift helps in spreading a beautiful harmony of heart giving love and appreciation to those that receive and those that give.

To wear Rose Quartz can help to rid you of stress, fear, tension, anger and resentment by dissolving them and giving way to the utter rebirth of love, hope, trust and faith in yourself others and the greater Universe in its entirety.

Rose Quartz Chakras.

The Heart Chakra:

When the heart chakra is out of balance it can cause a person to become uncommitted, detached, unforgiving, distrustful, controlling or feel controlled in a relationship.

When in balance this chakra enhances the love you have for yourself, empathy and forgiveness for others. You will reconnect to the beauty of life within you and in all that surrounds you. Within emotional relationships you will be able to accept change and understand the nature of what these connections mean.

Love Sue xx

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.


Bloodstone, in appearance, is a very deep green stone with red specks dotted on its surface. It is due to this effect that this stone received its name ‘Bloodstone’.

Some pieces may be of lighter green and there are others that may have very few red inclusions on it or others that are adorned in them, there is also a type of Bloodstone that has yellow speckles on it, this is referred to as Plasma.

  • Legends.

Bloodstone holds a very in depth history through Christianity. It is believed to have come from the blood of Jesus Christ. As He was on the cross it is said there was green jasper placed at his feet. Blood fell from his wounds and splashed the stones and forever more the stone held the blood of Christ and became known as Bloodstone.

Bloodstone is also referred to as The Martyrs Stone as it was often used in carvings of scenes from the crucifixion also used in sculptures representing martyrdom and flagellation.

Bloodstone can also be called Heliotrope, the Sun Stone in Greek, it was believed that when immersed into water it could turn the reflection of the sun into blood red.

Used as a talisman, it would bring good health and a long life. The owner would incur respect, fortune and fame throughout their life.

Warriors would often bring amulets of Bloodstone into combat, believing it would help protect them and overcome enemies in battle. It would also stem bleeding from wounds they may receive during these encounters.

  • Uses and properties.

Bloodstone is known as a stone of courage. It improves physical strength, enhances self-esteem, self-worth and it is said to be particularly good for helping emotional traumas and grief, it can assist those that have challenges in facing the concept of death.

Bloodstone has a strong vibration and works well with repelling negative energies from the wearers auric field. It can stimulate and induce dreaming, and works incredibly well for increasing creativity and intuition.

Bloodstone helps limit feelings of aggressiveness, irritability and anxiety and will assist in clearing emotional and mental blockages.

Bloodstone is said to be helpful in treating anaemia and other disorders of the blood also blood pressure, bleeding, cardiovascular issues, flu, physical issues (as in muscular) and post surgical healing.

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.

  • Bloodstone Chakra.

Bloodstone works incredibly well at realigning the lower chakras with the heart chakra.

Root Chakra:

When the root chakra is out of balanced a person will feel physically exhausted, low levels of activity, chronic fatigue, low sense esteem, lack of trust and sleep disorders. When balanced a person will be centred, trusting, passionate, self confident, the body will regain physical strength and stamina.

Heart Chakra:

When the heart chakra is out of balance it can cause a person to become uncommitted, detached, unforgiving, distrustful, controlling or feel controlled in a relationship.

When in balance this chakra enhances the love you have for yourself, empathy and forgiveness for others. You will reconnect to the beauty of life within you and in all that surrounds you. Within emotional relationships you will be able to accept change and understand the nature of what these connections mean.

Love Sue xx



Malachite is a powerful stone to protect against negative entities, and as with many of natures gems it brings with it many legends and uses.

  • Malachite Legends

Malachite was a stone that was used by the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, they adorned their headdress with the stone in the belief that Malachite would raise the vibrations of the Pharaoh and allow them to connect with higher realms to receive guidance and council.

The Egyptians also ground Malachite down to a fine powder and used it as a colourful green eye shadow.

In Greece people would often attach Malachite beads to their babies cribs as it was believed that it would protect the infant against evil entities and grant them a peaceful sleep.

In Germany workers would often wear Malachite with Turquoise to protect them from falling, miners would use Malachite to protect from accidents.

It was believed that if a piece of Malachite shattered into pieces that it was bringing warning of impending danger.

The Italians would wear a piece of Malachite with a shape that resembled an eye set in silver believing it would protect them against the Evil Eye.

The middle ages saw Malachite used to protect the wearer from black magic and evil sorcery.

  • Uses and Properties.

Malachite is an excellent stone for travellers, it helps overcome a fear of flying and assists with jet lag.

Malachite can protect against pollutants in the surrounding atmosphere and from an individual absorbing negative energies, it guards against electromagnetic fields that may be present such as microwaves, televisions, fluorescent lighting and other pieces of technology that emit electromagnetic rays.

If you place a piece of Malachite on your stomach just below your navel during your menstrual cycle it will help alleviate cramping.

For those that suffer from nightmares and fitful sleep it will help dispel all negativity that may enter your dreams and cause disruption to your rest, place a piece of Malachite under your pillow and enjoy a restful night.

Sometimes in our work life or even our everyday life we are met with negativity, people that may literately leave you feel drained and exhausted after being in their presence, their negative energies are picked up by you and you in turn feel the effects.

Wearing a piece of Malachite will help guard you against these individuals, whether its dealing with them face to face or through a phone call.

Malachite helps release blockages within oneself, encourages change, helps a person to express their feelings and gives them assistance with their will power to overcome bad habits that may be affecting their health or spiritual growth.

It is an excellent activator of the third eye and will assist you in your clairvoyance abilities and spiritual guidance.

  • Malachite Chakras

With its beautiful green colour Malachite is dedicated to the Heart chakra. When unbalanced this chakra can cause a person to become uncommitted, detached, unforgiving, distrustful, controlling or controlled in a relationship.

When balanced this chakra enhances the love you have for yourself, you feel compassion, empathy and forgiveness for others. You will reconnect to the beauty of life within you and in all that surrounds you.

Within emotional relationships you will be able to accept change and understand the nature of what these connections mean.

Malachite will also help activate and balance the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras.

WARNING: Malachite can be toxic do not take internally. DO NOT use in elixirs to be drank and DO NOT inhale the dust from cutting.

Love Sue xx

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.


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Moldavite is undeniably a powerful stone. It was formed from a violent meteoric impact that struck Earth. This star born crystal fell from the heavens and landed near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia approximately fifteen million years ago, it is believed that it struck with such ferocious impact that tonnes of earth exploded high into the atmosphere, with the mix of meteor and earth it super cooled and fell back to earth and formed the tektite that we now know today as Moldavite.

It is because of the extreme properties and intense vibrations of this stone that I feel the need to break down each section and explain the legends, properties and the uses of this incredible stone.

The Legends of Moldavite

  • The Grail.

In religion it is believed that The Grail was the chalice that Christ drank from at the last supper, or the cup that was used by Joseph to collect the blood of Christ as He was hung on the cross.

Some believe that The Grail is not a cup but is in fact a stone, that fell to the earth from the crown of Lucifer as he was cast out of heaven by God.

Some theologians say that the stone was not in the Crown of Lucifer but was actually in his forehead, this has been linked with the Indian god Shiva, who has a pearl fixed on His brow, the third eye which is the eye of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It is believed that that He uses the third eye to see beyond the apparent and protect the good from the evil. All evil and ignorance vanish as the third eye opens.

In legend it was the cup that was passed between King Arthur and the Knights of the round table during the feast of the Pentecost (one of the most ancient feasts of the Catholic church), to drink from The Grail would grant health, rejuvenation, nourishment success in battle and would guide the Knights on quests as this was the vessel that was the source of divine favour.

Another legend is that Moldavite was sent to King Solomon who then split the piece which he then formed into a ring.

In history the Grail was discovered and brought to Napoleon, it was said he was disappointed to find that it was made from green glass. It is only speculation as to whether it was in fact the Grail or a piece that was given to Napoleon so as to keep the real Grail hidden from him, whichever was the case it was passed down through the centuries and then disappeared during the second world war.

Other theories that exist equate Moldavite with the Philosophers Stone, the long sought source of wisdom for alchemists (the Grail of alchemists)

  • What does Moldavite look like?

Moldavite is a tektite and unlike other tektites around the world which are usually black, dark brown and almost tar like in colour Moldavite is green, glassy and somewhat translucent. It is the only variety that can be cut or faceted as a gemstone. Raw unpolished pieces are almost lace like, wrinkled in a delicate formation.

The shape of Moldavite is quite unique, because of its molten origins they are often found ‘drop’ shaped and are round or flattened. Its colour is generally a deep forest green but can be found in olive or pale green also. It is because of its rarity that there are many excellent forgeries on the market, one way of recognising a fake is that you rarely get a large sized piece of Moldavite, if you do they will be incredibly expensive and not the cheap bargain you may think you are receiving.

Also Moldavite will not be perfect, it will have small bubbles in it and not perfect clarity like high end diamonds, other precious or semi-precious gems. I myself am not a specialist in recognising all fakes but I have followed this rule for Moldavite and have acquired myself a stunning piece of which I am particularly proud of.

Always buy from a reputable seller.

  • Properties and Uses

Those that wear Moldavite or even just touch a piece may experience a number of different things, hot flushes (called the Moldavite Flush) and emanating heat, which may not just be felt by the person in contact with it but the people in their immediate surroundings.

It may take time to acclimatise a person to using Moldavite, it has an intense vibration and because of this it can make you feel light headed with a sense of not feeling grounded.

Moldavite is an incredibly powerful stone to meditate with, it can produce powerful visions, astral travel and out of body experiences. It is always very important to use a stone for grounding when meditating with Moldavite such as smoky quartz or black tourmaline.

There are many benefits with this stone, activating the dream state when sleeping with it, aiding in the rapid transformation of ones life, helping them to release things that do not serve their higher purpose.

Moldavite will increase a persons sensitivity to telepathy, intuition and an ability to receive and understand guidance and messages from the higher realms.

It helps foster a deeper level of compassion and understanding, increased clarity, energy cleansing, self discovery, visionary experiences, the list for Moldavite is expansive and I could genuinely go on a lot longer…….

  • Moldavite Chakras

Moldavite is a powerful activator of all the chakras, particularly the heart, third eye and crown chakras.

Heart Chakra:

When we rebalance the heart chakra it helps us understand our own needs and emotions, we can deal with all that comes with emotional relationships by understanding them and accepting change.

Third Eye:

This is where our centre for perception and command is located, where we relate to ourselves. We are gifted the ability through this chakra to see both inner and outer worlds, it allows us clear thought and the gift of spiritual contemplation (dreams and visions)

Crown Chakra:

This is where we are gifted unity and the selfless realisation that everything is connected at a fundamental level. We can experience serenity, joy and deep peace whilst experiencing a mystical oneness with everyone and all of nature.

Please be aware when beginning to use Moldavite it really is best to limit your usage until you become more acclimated to its vibrations. It is best to use a stone in conjunction with it, for example smoky quartz, black tourmaline or some other stone that can give you grounding.

There are those that go for it as such and will dive into wearing it with no other stone and for extended periods, for those of you that do you may feel physically drained, emotional a sense of not being entirely connected to what’s going on and can even experience nightmares.

That being said Moldavite is one of my favourite stones, it resonates with me like no other, I can hand on my heart say without any uncertainty it is most definitely a celestial stone.
Love Sue xxx

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.

September 27th/ 28th 2015 Blood Moon


This September 27th/28th will bring us a very unusual celestial event, a Blood Moon, Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse in one eventful night.

Total Supermoon eclipses are rare, according to NASA in the 1900’s they have only occurred five times. After this September 27th/28th it will not happen for another 18 years.

This coming Lunar Eclipse is the fourth and final one in a total of four Lunar Eclipses (called the Lunar Tetrad). The previous eclipses have occurred on April 15th 2014, October 8th 2014 and April 4th 2015. The really interesting thing about these dates are, that each of these eclipses in the Tetrad have occurred about six months apart and have 5 full moons between them!

A Blood Moon is a Full Moon, a perfect opposition of the Moon and Sun with Earth in the middle partially blocking the Sun’s light making the Moon appear red.

It is believed that the human race will experience an awakening, a greater sense of intuition and some will even say psychic abilities.

The collective conciseness of people around the world will feel their willpower expand a strong determination and willingness to expand and learn.

For those of us that are lovers of crystals and crystal healing this is a perfect time to cleanse and recharge our beautiful natures gems.

Crystals absorb energy, from their immediate environment and, if you handle them frequently during healing practice they will absorb negative energies.

To cleanse your crystals bring them outside when darkness falls, if you are unable to bring them outside then leave them inside your window, the moons rays will still have an active effect on your crystals, leave them there to pick up the maximum cleansing power of this unusual celestial event.

You should ideally leave them out overnight but do try to bring them in before sunlight, some crystals can loose their colour from the sun, it will not affect their vibrations but it can be upsetting if your beloved crystals loose their vibrant lustre.

It is important to remember that after you have charged your crystals that you give them time to renew their abilities of focusing and expanding energies and vibrations.

Something that could also be worthwhile for you to also do is meditate under this Blood Moon, it will be a rare opportunity for you to work on your spiritual growth and soul knowledge.

Wishing you a wonderful spiritual journey on this rare celestial event.

Love Sue xx

My Road to Healing


‘Healing’……what does that word mean to you?

Is it something that requires a bone to be set by doctors, an open wound that needs dressing or just a day in bed to recover from the flu. These all hold a variation of healing that can be treated by modern day medicine and the many skilled and wonderful medical practitioners that we have in society today.

What if your healing requires something that lies within you, wounds that have cut so deep that the internal scars are visible only to you, they leave pain that is only felt by you and that ‘fear’ is a daily reality that can only be dealt with by you.

I believe we have all experienced this, becoming lost in a fog of despair, that feeling of being alone in a crowded room, where all the voices just become noise and you cant block them out. I have struggled at times with these feelings and emotions and I have come out the other side, stronger then I ever thought possible.

My healing began down the route most people take, the doctors office. Sitting in the waiting room surrounded by people that were coughing, pale in colour and obviously sick, then it hit me, these people were really sick!

I was a bit down but in perfect health, which to be honest sitting amongst these people made me feel very much the hypocrite. That was when I began to dread the conversation that lay ahead and how exactly I was going to explain myself. Where the hell was I even going to start?

I feel I need to be honest writing this and tell you truthfully what occurred. I walked into my doctors office and she had only said the words ‘Take a seat.’ and I broke down, I don’t mean dabbing away a tear or two I mean I cried harder then I ever remember, torrents of tears that left me unable to utter a single word, I couldn’t breathe I gasped for air and tried desperately to gain my composure in front of this concerned looking lady. Without a sound she brought me a glass of water and said ‘ Its ok, everything will be fine.’ The relief! Someone saw that I just needed to release, to cry to just completely let myself show. I don’t actually remember the entire conversation but I do remember the mind numbing headache I had leaving that evening. I genuinely left that day with a sense of ‘Hey girl, you started this now bloody finish it.’, and I did.

I took my doctor’s advice and sought a confident to entrust with my feelings, issues I really didn’t know were bothering me but turned out to be roots of things that had grown out of my control.

I avoided medication because it really wasn’t something I wanted to do, my doctor was supportive of me making this choice, not all are but she took the time to get to know me and knew that shunning meds was the right choice for me. I have been particularly lucky in having wonderful partner that supports and loves me without question and two friends that I trust with my life.

Amongst one conversation I had with my confident she gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me since, ‘You need to learn to quieten your mind.’ and that was my eureka moment. I took up yoga and fell in love with the peace it brought to me.

This time when I was in a crowded room I did not feel alone, I felt very much a part of it. I was and am fortunate to have wonderful yoga teachers and people that take part in this wonderful practice.

I pulled out all my books and beloved crystals that had been packed away many years ago and once again found my love of healing, meditation and spirit. I have even began taking courses (and gained certification) to support my love and practice of healing and spirituality, I am busy now in the best way possible.

It has taken me some time to once again find myself and it was because I asked for help. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to feel vulnerable and do not feel you are the only one goes through this, you are never alone.

What I have learned is this, don’t consider your life to exist inside a box, to be kicked around when others may feel you are in their way or shelved when they don’t need you. Why should your existence depend on others happiness? You are beautiful, I really mean it… strong, beautiful and unafraid. Take a step into your storm, the clouds will eventually blow away and seas will calm, the sun will shine only for you, it’s then that you will truly enjoy your journey.

Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is known as a stone of Royalty, King Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus was richly inlaid with Lapis as were many ornaments and jewellery from ancient Egyptian times, it was also frequently ground down into a powder and used as eye make up and dye.

Legend states that King Solomon was presented a brilliant blue Lapis Lazuli ring by an Angel, the ring allowed him to control legions of demons so that he could build the Kingdom of Solomon.

Lapis activates the third eye chakra and in doing this it develops psychic intuition and spiritual guidance, it brings a connection to physical and celestial planes. It is a stone that releases stress and brings a sense of great inner peace, a magnificent stone to meditate with. It protects against psychic attack, creates a barrier and returns negative energies back to its source.

It is a highly spiritual stone and as most blue stones works with the throat chakra, enhancing communication and stimulating the spiritual seeker in the desire for knowledge and understanding.

It promotes openness, truthfulness and mental clarity, quietening a busy restless mind and bringing an individual the peace that they seek.

Lapis can also assist those that have suffered with abuse issues, psychical or mental, it gives them the strength, courage and confidence to overcome that what has affected them.

Its keywords are Inner Vision, Communication, Truth. Its element is wind and its chakras are third eye and throat.

Lapis is a very soft stone that can be affected by chemicals, it scratches easily and can be damaged by other stones, caution is recommended when wearing or storing this beautiful stone.

Sue xx

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.

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Crystals for Relaxation


Relaxation, such an easy word to say but sometimes the hardest thing to do, your mind becomes a cavern of questions that span from the “what ifs” and “I forgot to dos”. The time you took for relaxation becomes the mind numbing calling of unanswered questions and by the end of it you have a headache and are reaching for the aspirin.

One word……”Meditation” let this be your new calling, lighting a candle, burning incense and of course crystals, but, what crystals? Here are my favourite natures gems with an explanation to why they work so well.


Lepidolite is a stone of transition, it brings with it many calming features, such as relaxation, balancing, a sense of calmness, trust and acceptance in oneself and surroundings.

It brings light and hope to situations that were once difficult to understand, a feeling of inner peace, self-love patience and optimism help a person to see behind negative feelings and experiences so that they can transition onwards with trust and positivity.

Its keywords are calming and balance, its chakra is the heart but also works wonderfully with the third eye and crown chakras.

Smoky Quartz

I always meditate with this, Smoky Quartz is an incredible stone for grounding and protection against negative energies.

It works wonderfully for relieving stress, dark emotions, fear and many other negative feelings that may bring a persons attitude down. It will bring to you abundance, prosperity and good luck, it is also said that it is a stone that will make your wishes come true.

Due to its ability in removing negative energies from a person it will help to protect and cleanse the auric field, it will shield a person from any type of psychic attack.

Its keywords are grounding and centering and its chakra is root.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline helps relieve stress, worry, depression and anxiety. It is relaxing and nurturing and has the potential to help heal emotional wounds replacing them with feelings of inner comfort and safety. It assists in spiritual growth and stimulates a persons receptiveness to the healing energies and wisdom of spirit, attaining peace and understanding.

Its keywords are love, empathy and calmness its chakra is heart.

These are a few crystals that I love to use for my meditation, they truly bring to me that one simple word……..’relaxation’.


Sue x

Why use Crystals for Healing


I have spoken previously of the seven main Chakras. They run along the centre line of your back, from the base of your spine to the top of your head, they are as follows

  • First – Root: Coloured Red

Crystals: Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz.

  • Second – Sacral: Coloured Orange

Crystals: Citrine, Amber, Orange Carnelian.

  • Third – Solar Plexus: Coloured Yellow

Crystals: Topaz, Tigers Eye, Peridot.

  • Fourth – Heart: Coloured Green

Crystals: Malachite, Jade, Amazonite.

  • Fifth – Throat: Coloured Blue

Crystals: Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, Kyanite.

  • Sixth – Brow: Coloured Indigo

Crystals: Moonstone, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli.

  • Seventh – Crown: Coloured Violet

Crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Purple Agate

Each of these chakras vibrate and rotate at different speeds and frequencies, when these chakras become unbalanced, misaligned or slow down it can affect the life force of an individual.

People may be affected in different ways. Physically, normal body functions may be affected by illness and disease, an individual may also become tired, depressed and not feel themselves.

The normal thinking of a person may also become affected resulting in them becoming negative, showing unnecessary fear and doubt and shortened patience (to name a few).

It is very important to keep a stable balance with the chakras, too little has the above results but opening your chakras too much can result in a person burning out or short circuiting due to the rush of universal energy that will flow through your chakras. The correct balance will bring a sense of well being, promote health and enhance a positive attitude towards life.

Crystals can be used to re-balance the chakric centres, they react to electricity (which courses through our bodies) and when placed or used within our auric field, the electrical vibrations of the stones will then help stimulate, harmonise and rebalance the energies.

There is a scientific theory called the ‘Piezoelectric Effect’ which states “The generation of an electric charge in certain non-conducting materials, such as quartz crystals and ceramics, when they are subjected to mechanical stress (such as pressure or vibration), or the generation of vibrations in such materials when they are subjected to an electric field.”

This leans positively towards the workings and support of crystals in healing.

There are many ways to use crystals, for example

  • Worn on the body as jewellery or carried as a tumblestone.
  • Placing under the pillow when sleeping.
  • During meditation.
  • Placed in the home or workplace.
  • In Chakra Healing by laying on the body.

Treating your crystals with respect and with regular cleansing/charging is a necessity. Take your time with them and learn more about yourself whilst working with natures gems, but most of all enjoy your healing.


Sue x

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.