Malachite is a powerful stone to protect against negative entities, and as with many of natures gems it brings with it many legends and uses.

  • Malachite Legends

Malachite was a stone that was used by the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, they adorned their headdress with the stone in the belief that Malachite would raise the vibrations of the Pharaoh and allow them to connect with higher realms to receive guidance and council.

The Egyptians also ground Malachite down to a fine powder and used it as a colourful green eye shadow.

In Greece people would often attach Malachite beads to their babies cribs as it was believed that it would protect the infant against evil entities and grant them a peaceful sleep.

In Germany workers would often wear Malachite with Turquoise to protect them from falling, miners would use Malachite to protect from accidents.

It was believed that if a piece of Malachite shattered into pieces that it was bringing warning of impending danger.

The Italians would wear a piece of Malachite with a shape that resembled an eye set in silver believing it would protect them against the Evil Eye.

The middle ages saw Malachite used to protect the wearer from black magic and evil sorcery.

  • Uses and Properties.

Malachite is an excellent stone for travellers, it helps overcome a fear of flying and assists with jet lag.

Malachite can protect against pollutants in the surrounding atmosphere and from an individual absorbing negative energies, it guards against electromagnetic fields that may be present such as microwaves, televisions, fluorescent lighting and other pieces of technology that emit electromagnetic rays.

If you place a piece of Malachite on your stomach just below your navel during your menstrual cycle it will help alleviate cramping.

For those that suffer from nightmares and fitful sleep it will help dispel all negativity that may enter your dreams and cause disruption to your rest, place a piece of Malachite under your pillow and enjoy a restful night.

Sometimes in our work life or even our everyday life we are met with negativity, people that may literately leave you feel drained and exhausted after being in their presence, their negative energies are picked up by you and you in turn feel the effects.

Wearing a piece of Malachite will help guard you against these individuals, whether its dealing with them face to face or through a phone call.

Malachite helps release blockages within oneself, encourages change, helps a person to express their feelings and gives them assistance with their will power to overcome bad habits that may be affecting their health or spiritual growth.

It is an excellent activator of the third eye and will assist you in your clairvoyance abilities and spiritual guidance.

  • Malachite Chakras

With its beautiful green colour Malachite is dedicated to the Heart chakra. When unbalanced this chakra can cause a person to become uncommitted, detached, unforgiving, distrustful, controlling or controlled in a relationship.

When balanced this chakra enhances the love you have for yourself, you feel compassion, empathy and forgiveness for others. You will reconnect to the beauty of life within you and in all that surrounds you.

Within emotional relationships you will be able to accept change and understand the nature of what these connections mean.

Malachite will also help activate and balance the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras.

WARNING: Malachite can be toxic do not take internally. DO NOT use in elixirs to be drank and DO NOT inhale the dust from cutting.

Love Sue xx

Note: Crystals are used as spiritual supports and normal healthcare and medical advice should still be adhered to.